This article is designed to help you in choosing from among the many company holiday party venues you have available to you in your area.  We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we know a thing or fifty about party venue rentals.  Give us a call if we can help you in any way.

What you should expect when renting a party venue for your company party

What we are about to list are things, we believe, all party room rentals should include these features-benefits in their rental price:

  • Tables and chairs
  • WiFi
  • Great sound system
  • Video monitors
  • Food preparation facility
  • Bar area (may be optional)
  • Ample parking
  • Indoor and outdoor space

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail.

Tables and chairs Event hall rental in Ft. Worth

No, you do not need tables and chairs for all of your attendees, not unless you are planning a sit-down dinner as part of your event.  If you are simply planning on a party for 300 employees, we suggest you have seating for about a third of them. The other two-thirds will be walking around socializing at any given time. This is what you can expect at Tarrant Events Center, room for 300, tables and seating for about 135 depending on the configuration of the tables.


Not only WiFi, but a strong WiFi signal. We are a plugged-in society, even during a party, and people want access even while they are having fun at the Christmas party venues.


Tarrant Events Center has a 10,000-watt state-of-the-art sound system. Expect nothing less from any venue you rent.


Tarrant Events Center has six-50” monitors for any presentation you plan on having at your party. That way anyone can watch the videos from anywhere in the event center, a very convenient feature.

Food prep

We believe in giving you freedom at Tarrant Events Center. We believe in BYOF.  We believe in food you that freedom. We offer a finished kitchen for food prep if you choose to do it yourself.


BYOB at Tarrant Events Center, or hire a bartender, or bring in a local winery, or a local distillery, these are just some of the options at Tarrant Events Center.  We love options and we believe our customers do as well.


It’s not much of a party if the attendees have to walk several blocks after they have parked their car. Look for a place with ample adjacent parking plus overflow parking.

Indoor and outdoor

This is a nice feature you should consider, an indoor facility plus an outdoor space.  People like to get some fresh air during a party. People like to vape and smoke.  Tarrant Events Center offers indoor plus one-acre of shaded outdoor space for anyone to walk about in.

Final considerations about company holiday party venues

Plan and rent early. Holiday parties are popular, so don’t delay in making a reservation. Tarrant Events Center accepts reservations a year in advance for holiday company parties, an industry standard time frame.

Make a list of things you will need.  Make a budget.  You have many party room rentals to choose from, and proper pre-planning will give you a leg-up in finding the place you really want.

Give us a call at Tarrant Events Center if you are in the Fort Worth area.