event venue

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, you’ll have access to a complete finishing kitchen; perfect for caterers or anyone preparing the final details of already cooked food items. The kitchen includes refrigeration, food warming and cooling equipment, an ice machine, plating area, and cleaning facilities. The Tarrant Events Center is way more than just ballrooms for rent!

Have a more complex menu? A full commercial chef’s kitchen with full cooking facilities is also available for a small additional rental fee. We really are the best of small party venues because of our ability to offer these options!

Alcohol can be a major event expense and a logistical nightmare. We are one of the very few venues that allow you a choice when it comes to serving alcoholic beverages; offering you the option of a standard cash, or hosted, full-bar or even the fun and money-saving option of a BYOB event!

Let us complement your elegant shindig with a formal cash or client-hosted full-bar complete with professional, TABC-trained bartenders. Or, choose a beer and wine only bar for a less formal gathering.  And for the very casual affair, make it a “BYOB” and have your guests bring their own beer, wine, or alcohol to the party…or have us serve *setups only. (Specific rules, regulations & fees may apply…call for details.) *soft drinks, water, mixers, garnishes

Private security will be required for the following kinds of events:

  • Events serving alcohol.
  • Events considered “high risk” or those that have “value” content.
  • Social event and/or large attendance event.
  • Functions on a Friday or Saturday, with or without alcohol, that continue after 5 p.m.