renting an event center should be done at the earliest possible time

Our design goal at Tarrant Events Center

When we were planning our event center, we specifically hoped to attain an elegant and yet friendly atmosphere with our design.  We wanted a touch of class with a laid-back vibe.

We believe we achieved it.

Industrial-chic design

What exactly is industrial chic? You may not know the term, but you definitely know the look.

The industrial chic aesthetic mixes specific architectural elements. It’s a combination of features like exposed brick, exposed pipes, over-sized windows, and hardwood or concrete floors. Think about what an old Brooklyn warehouse or Denver factory looks like — that’s the industrial part. Add high ceilings, elegant accents, purposeful lighting, and modern elements — that’s how you make it chic.

It’s neither masculine nor feminine. It can be casual or formal. It’s all about blending different textures and materials to create a vintage-meets-modern look. When it’s done right, it makes for a fabulous backdrop for a memorable wedding, banquet, birthday party, reception, or corporate event.

High ceilings help to make a dramatic background for your event and give the venue an open, airy feeling. Painted black, the exposed, industrial-vibe ceiling adds character and interest to the room and is the backdrop for twenty-five large, dimmable, glass chandeliers that allow light to play beautifully against the dark background.

The event center is a blank canvas ready for you to design your perfect special event. Casual and yet formal – vintage and yet modern – Tarrant Events Center can match the mood and ambiance you desire for any event you can plan.