party room rentals

The first thing you need to consider when looking for an event venue is this: what kind of event will you be hosting?

It makes a difference, so jot it down, along with your proposed budget for the event.  Armed with that information, you are ready to find the perfect event venue for your perfect event.

We are Tarrant Events Center, Fort Worth’s finest, and in this article we aim to de-mystify the world of the  event center and make it easier for you to find one which fits your needs.

  • What is your event?
  • What is your budget?
  • Pay for vendors or pay for all-inclusive package?
  • Specific or general event space rental?
  • How flexible are you? How flexible are they?

Let’s look at each of these important considerations.

What is your event?

Are you looking for a party venue rental?  How about corporate events?  Cheap banquet halls?  Wedding venue?  Not all event venues are the same, so just doing a Google search for event venue will further muddy the waters.  You must either look for a venue which specifically handles and specializes in your type of event, or you must look for a venue like our Tarrant Events Center, which is flexible enough to handle a variety of events.

What is your budget?

Start early and you have a much better chance of finding a venue rental at a cost you can afford. Be aware of this fact: you will pay for the event space rental PLUS you will pay for amenities you might need like florists, decorators, vendors, and DJ.  If you have a small budget, we recommend you find a place like our Tarrant Events Center.  We provide the basics and leave all the rest up to you.  Our reasonable price includes the tables, chairs, linens, and sound and visual equipment you will need no matter what your event is.  After that, if you want any kind of amenities, you are free to negotiate for those, or you can do all the work yourself, thereby saving more money.

Pay for vendors?

This relates to what we were talking about in the previous section.  We encourage you to pay for just the site and take care of the peripheries yourself.

Specific or general event space rental

There are some sites which are unique for weddings.  There are some which are great for birthday parties but horrible for corporate events.  Make sure you pay attention to the ambiance and general feel of the place.  If you are holding a children’s birthday extravaganza, and the place feels like a Fortune 500 company hangs out there, you probably missed the mark.

Flexibility is a key component

Tarrant Events Center is known as a turnkey venue.  You pay the fee, we hand you the key, and you then make our space into whatever you want and envision.  That is not true of all event venues.  Make sure you know what you can and cannot do before signing that rental agreement.

Our greatest piece of advice: start your search early.  You will have quite a few venues to choose from, and many options to consider, but you must begin the process as soon as is possible.