holiday party room rentals like Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth

If you are thinking about renting one of the many party room rentals in your city, and you have done a preliminary inquiry search as to the rental costs, this article may come as a surprise, but you do, in fact, control the cost on party room rentals or, to be more precise, the total cost of the party itself.

Allow us to explain. We are Tarrant Events Center, outstanding event hall rental/party room rental in the Fort Worth area. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information about our state-of-the-art facility.

Okay!  It’s time to tell you how you can control the cost with party room rentals.

The party space rental base fee

Shop around, make some phone calls, and you will soon find that party venues vary in price, anywhere from $500 per rental session to $5,000 or more.  The wide variety in price is attributable to a number of factors, most notable being the city you are living in and the rental package covered by that cost.  It is a supply and demand situation. As long as there are people willing to pay $5,000 for a party room rental, there will be party hall rentals priced at that lofty figure.

Similarly, for those on a very tight budget, it is quite possible to rent a party space rental for less than a thousand dollars, no matter where you live in the United States. We are not saying those facilities will be outstanding; we are simply saying they are available.

What you need to understand, with relation to the base price fee of a party venue, is that the price is rarely, if ever, negotiable.

So, how do you control the cost of a party?

The cost of a party is arrived at by adding the fee for a party venue to the cost of actually holding the party i.e. the cost of food, the cost of decorations, and the cost of entertainment, and those secondary costs usually add up to be more than the rental fee of the event center.

In other words, it would behoove you to control those costs by adopting a DIY attitude with regards to the party you are planning.  Plan on preparing the food yourself. Play on decorating yourself, and plan on finding entertainment yourself. Do not sign a rental contract which included a chef/caterer provided by the party venue management.  You will be stuck in the surcharge game very quickly, and surcharges can add up faster than you can yell NO MAS!

Demand all-inclusive pricing

All inclusive pricing means the rental fee you agree upon is the final fee you will pay. All expenses are mentioned up-front. There are no hidden costs. There are no surcharges.  You pay the party room rentals fee and that is it, and the secondary costs are determined by your level of DIY involvement.

Look for a place like Tarrant Events Center

Our philosophy, and it is rather unique in the Fort Worth area, is to provide everything you need to have a great event, but we leave the secondary arrangements to you. We provide ten different floor plans to choose from, outstanding audio and video equipment, tables, chairs, an acre of landscaped grounds outside, two VIP rooms separate from the main event room, and a finishing kitchen, and we provide it all at a very competitive price which is affordable for many who control the secondary costs by doing it themselves.

It’s a win for us because we rent our facility, and it is a win for our clients because they are holding costs down while planning a spectacular party.

Call us today if you are in the Fort Worth area. We will make it worth your while.