Event center offers large amount of parking

Ample Parking For 300 Guest

Generally speaking, ample parking in a given situation meets 85% – 90% occupancy (9 out of every 10 spaces will be full during normal use). This provides parkers enough spaces to quickly find a spot.

Look at it from the guests’ point of view. They are invited to your event, whether it be a birthday, corporate dinner, reception, wedding, whatever the case may be. They are excited about it. They talk about it for months prior to the event.  Finally, the day of the event arrives, the anxiously hop in their cars, drive to the event venue, and then spend a half-hour driving around the area looking for an available parking spot. Then they have to walk from the parking spot to the event, one-hundred degrees outside.

How do you think their moods are going to be once they finally arrive at your event venue?

Parking space is one of the first things we thought about when constructing Tarrant Events Center. We not only have ample parking, but we have overflow parking, a huge parking area capable of handling as many vehicles (cars, minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs) as your guests bring to your event, and the parking spaces are right outside the front door of Tarrant Events Center, meaning a very short walk from parking to the actual event.  No strolls in one-hundred-degree heat; no long strolls in a downpour; just a quick, simple transfer from vehicle to event, no hassle, no fuss.

That’s how we do things at Tarrant Events Center.  Your comfort and your convenience were considered during every phase of the construction and planning of our event venue.

Call us today, arrange for a tour, and see for yourself this very simple truth: your satisfaction is our goal!