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With summer approaching, activity will be picking up on outdoor party venues, their rentals, and the planning for them. We thought we would compile a short checklist for you to refer to, if you are one of the tens-of-thousands planning on renting outdoor party venues.

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Renting outdoor party venues begins with a vision.

At the risk of sounding all New Age on you all, it really is true that any outdoor party, or any party at all, must begin with an idea, and that idea has a corresponding vision of what the party will look like. What does your perfect party look like in your mind?  All event venues you look at must be held up to that vision, and one question must be answered: can the vision happen at that venue?

Your vision should be one of the first items the party planning committee talks about, and it should be the guiding light as you continue to plan.

Outdoor party venues Item #2: Determine your budget.

This is a pretty simple step, but once that budget is set, it pretty much determines everything that follows.  Know what you can afford to spend, on everything related to the party, and then go out and find a venue where you can make it work within that budget.

Reserve the event space rental as early as possible.

Outdoor party venues, and event venue in general, go fast in the summer.  Our advice: determine a date for your party and then make that reservation as soon as possible. Some venues, like Tarrant Events Center, take reservations a full year in advance, which we obviously believe is a huge advantage.  You protect yourself against possible rate increases by making your reservation as early as possible.

Make a list of extras you plan on having.

Now, back to your vision. What will you need to make that vision a reality? What can you do by yourself, and what do you need to hire for?  Flowers? Food? Catering? Bartender? Entertainment?

The sooner you set a date, and make a reservation, the sooner you can start in on this list of extras and, spoiler alert, quality outdoor party venues will take reservations a full year in advance.

Finally, one last thing to consider: what if Mother Nature decides to rain and blow on your party? Do you have a contingency plan because, let’s face it, it is entirely possible that it could rain on that particular date?

Suggestion: rent a place like our own Tarrant Events Center, which has an indoor venue plus an outdoor venue. That way, if Mother Nature if feeling a bit peevish that day, you have somewhere to move the party to, and everyone remains happy and in a good party mood.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, we take reservations a full year in advance, and we believe in all-inclusive pricing. Call us and ask your questions, arrange for a tour, and find out what great customer service looks like.