party venue rentals

Party room rentals Haltom City is a pretty broad category for a Google search.  We just did it and came up with 532,000 results.  It’s great there are so many options, but not so great if your job is to sort through the party room rentals options.  And then toss in party room rentals North Richland Hills, party room rentals Watauga, party room rentals Keller and party room rentals Hurst and, well, you begin to see the problem with this particular Google search.

Before we go any further, we suggest you can Tarrant Events Center, located at 5239 Denton Highway, Fort Worth, and arrange for a tour of our facilities.

Let’s continue!

To add to the flood of options, you can also do a search for Sweet 16 venues, or kids party venues, or wedding reception venues, depending upon the type of party you are planning.

It’s overwhelming for sure.  Imagine being in our shoes. We are only one of many party hall rentals in Tarrant County. How can we possibly hope to entice you to rent our facility?

Price and flexibility, that’s how!

Let’s delve into this a bit more.

Our price and saving money

Our prices range from $850 to $2500 per event, depending upon whether you rent for a half-day or a full-day, and the day of the week you are holding your party.  Those prices are at the low end of the price scale.  Trust us when we tell you there are venues which rent for $10,000 and more.

What can your budget handle?

But that’s not where the savings ends at Tarrant Events Center. We provide the basics i.e. the tables, chairs, movable stage, video monitors, WiFi, etc. We leave the food, entertainment, and decorations up to you. Yes, it is more work for you, but it also means huge savings.  You can do the cooking yourself in our full-kitchen, or you can negotiate with a caterer of gourmet food truck.  You can decorate yourself, or you can negotiate with a professional party decorating company. The point is you have options with us, and options will always save you money in the end.

Our flexibility and your flexibility

Our event hall rental is a blank room. Well, actually, it is a large room with two separate VIP rooms attached, plus over an acre of landscaped grounds outside.  We have various floor plans we can arrange for your event.  We can be whatever you want us to be.  You are not locked into a specific floor plan or theme, and that kind of flexibility is unique in the party room rental business.  You’ll find that to be true if you start calling around to various event venues.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

Hopefully your last call will be to us. We are locally owned and operated, serving all of Tarrant County, the premier event room rental Tarrant County, a hop, skip, and jump from Haltom City, and well-worth the short drive. Call us today, arrange for a walk-through, pepper our leasing agent with questions, and then let’s get your date reserved so you can start planning your party.