If you are doing a Google search for “places to throw a party,” you really need this article about party room rentals. We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we think we can help you with your party venues search with this article.  We also invite you to call us for more information or, if you are in the Fort Worth area, for more details about our party venue rental.

Types of party venues available to you

The good news is this: you have a ton of potential party venues to look at if you live in a city of decent size.  You can rent restaurants for a party.  You can rent the VFW Hall for a party, or you can rent the local church reception hall.  You can rent actual party hall venues, or you can rent a movie theater.  If you have the money, practically any venue with four walls is available for rental.

That does not mean, however, that any place will do for your particular party, and that is the key point of this article.  What we want to drive home to you, in this article, is this key point: you need to begin your search with a game plan, and you need to keep searching until you find the party venue which matches your game plan and falls within your budget.  You have too many choices to settle for anything less than that.

The bare minimums you should expect from an event space rental

Don’t settle for less than the following:

  • Ample parking
  • Enough tables, chairs, and linens for your attendees
  • Adequate audio and video equipment
  • Food and drink options
  • A fixed price which falls within your budget
  • Conveniently located venue

These things really need no explanation.  They apply for any party you want to organize, but they do not apply for all party venues for rent.  If they are not included in the rental price, move to the next venue on your list.

What you should expect in a party venue

What you should expect is what you get from Tarrant Events Center.  We offer the following features-benefits:

  • BYOB allowed for your event
  • All-inclusive pricing (no hidden fees)
  • Food-beverage services include BYOF, food trucks, or catering (your choice)
  • Lots of free parking
  • Six huge LED tv’s
  • One acre of shaded grassy area for outdoor options
  • Overhead door for easy access
  • Convenient, easy to find location at major intersection of Denton Highway and Loop 820
  • Prep kitchen for your choice of food services
  • Moveable stage
  • Great sound system
  • Choice of tables and chairs to match your event needs
  • Capability to host event for 50-300 guests

Why Tarrant Events Space is the best choice available in the Fort Worth area

We are the newest venue rental in our area, and that means we must try harder to catch up with the established venues.  We bend over backwards to make sure your party is the best party you can have. We are locally owned and operated, meaning we look at our clients as neighbors, which means we work harder to help our “neighbors.”

If you settle for less than that, you are settling upon a sub-standard party location.

Give us a call at Tarrant Events Center about pricing and let’s do this party thing the way it should be done.

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All Inclusive Pricing

Food Services Include BYOF, Food Trucks, or Caterer of Your Choice

1+ Acre Shaded Grassy Area for Outdoor Events


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