finishing kitchen at fort worth event venue

We have thought of it all at Tarrant Events Center!

The service and presentation of food and beverage at an event can make a good event great or ruin an otherwise acceptable one. At Tarrant Events Center, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, you’ll have access to a complete finishing kitchen; perfect for caterers or anyone preparing the final details of already cooked food items.

Separate means peaceful

prep kitchen at forth worth event rental spaceSeparating the food preparation from the main event room means you will have a much more pleasant, peaceful, and professional event.  Your guests will be happy they cannot hear the clatter of pots and pans, nor will they see the orchestrated chaos of food preparation and serving.  When the food is ready, servers can bring it to the main banquet room for consumption, and when the meal is completed, all plates and food can be returned to the kitchen area, and the event can continue.

Flexibility and options – two key words when talking about Tarrant Events Center. We roll with the punches so you won’t have to.

What this means to you

Again, this is all about flexibility.  Tarrant Events Center gives you options.

  • Bring in a caterer – Our kitchen is perfectly designed for laying out the food, dishing up the food, and warming the food.
  • Prepare the food yourself – Bring the prepared foods to our kitchen, warm them, dish them, and serve them.
  • Food Trucks – Arrange for a gourmet food truck to prepare for your event, bring the food to the kitchen area, the perfect space for food storage and food heating until it is needed.