convention center

Have you ever walked into a new building and smelled that “new building smell?” It’s similar to the “new car” smell when purchasing a new vehicle from the dealer.  It is unmistakable and reassuring, and that’s what you get when you hold an event at Tarrant Events Center.

Completely cleaned and sanitized before each event, the facility’s newly designed interior with trendy, industrial-style décor creates a classically modern but elegant background; making it a clean, move-in ready space, or a neutral backdrop for your theme or color scheme.

A word or two about three main points to consider . . .

Concerns about sanitation

COVID-19 has us all thinking about sanitation, right? No worries at Tarrant Events Center. We sanitize our venue before you arrive, and we sanitize it after you leave. Any possible surface that could possibly be touched is scrubbed clean, thus giving you peace of mind as you enter our event hall rental.

Clean, move-in ready space

We highlight our industrial-style décor for a reason: it is a classic look which lends itself well to any type of event you might want to hold.  Our goal, when constructing this event center, was to create an interior which would be supportive of any type of event, and we believe we have accomplished that goal.  Our interior proves the classic point that simpler can be better.

Neutral backdrop for your theme

Our neutral backdrop provides you with a blank canvas upon which you can paint your picture.  You are not hamstrung by our interior design but rather complimented by it.  Bring in decorators and our event center becomes a kids’ party venue. Bring in decorators and our event center become a wedding venue, or bring in decorators and transform our venue into a trade show.   We have the building and you have the freedom at Tarrant Events Center.

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