At Tarrant Events Center, we like to believe we go the extra mile to make your event experience special. That is why we offer a private bridal parlor for weddings and receptions at our wedding venue.

Our private bridal parlor

A beautiful, private bridal parlor allows you to get ready at the venue, freshen up during the event, or just get away and catch your breath for a moment sometime during the evening. Equipped with full-length mirrors, lighted make-up and vanity tables, dress hanging racks, mini fridge and a private restroom, it’s the perfect place for you and your bridal party to gather before, during, and after the event.

What it means for you

Although a wedding is most definitely a majestic and memorable event, it can, and usually is, an event filled with a certain amount of stress. That is why we have included our private bridal parlor to the long list of amenities at Tarrant Events Center.  We understand that sometimes you simply need a quiet place to escape to. We understand that there are times when you simply want, and need, an intimate setting for you and close friends, or family, to exchange loving interactions before or after the big event.  Our bridal parlor is the perfect place for those things to happen.

Memorable in every way

That’s what your wedding should be, a day filled with wonderful memories, and we believe the private bridal parlor allows for additional memories.