event room rental in Fort Worth

Flexibility is one of our main goals at Tarrant Events Center.

In conjunction with the main event space are two separate, but adjacent, spaces that can be used for a variety of things from a Green Room, a private VIP area, cutting the cake or exhibiting a product. Whether you choose to separate the space from the main venue is up to you; let your creativity run wild regarding how you choose to use these two spaces that add character and interest to the event venue.

Think about what this means for your event.

For a birthday party, these spaces could be used for food display, or a space to keep the presents.  For a convention, these spaces would prove quite useful for separate product displays, or for private meetings with potential customers.

Entertainers could relax in those rooms until they are needed.  Musicians could as well.  A bride could conduct last-minute preparations in a private room.

The point is this: the more flexibility you have in room arrangement and floor plans, the freer you are in planning your event.  And if you choose to not use those rooms, they can become part of the larger room, increasing your space for the main event.

With over ten floor plans to choose from, plus a customize-able and movable stage, Tarrant Events Center delivers on flexibility, and flexibility makes the event planner’s job so very much easier.

Suggested Uses For VIP Rooms

Meet & Greet Area

Photo Booth

Conversation Area

Welcome Center

Registration Center

Gift Area

Auction Items

Gaming Room

Kids Area

Cake Cutting

Corporate Meeting Break Area

Book Signing Area

Special Guest Area

Green Room

Staging Area

Waiting Area

Cocktail Area Before Dinner