renting a banquet hall

Depending upon the city you live in, renting a banquet hall may net you a couple options or dozens, and the price you pay for that banquet hall may range from a couple-hundred to several thousand.

Let’s say you live in a decent-sized city, and you are faced with a dozen or more banquet halls to choose from. The question, then, is what should you look for when choosing from so many, provided cost is not really a factor in this scenario we are creating?

We will answer that question in this article, we being Tarrant Events Center, one of Fort Worth’s newest event center locations and, in our opinion, one of, if not the, finest available.  Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information if you are in the Fort Worth area.

What you should look for?  Let’s get to it.

The event hall rental should provide you with options

What do we mean by options? Let’s use our own Tarrant Events Center for an example.  We offer ten floorplans for your convenience.  You are not locked in to one floor design.  We have a moveable stage which can increase in size if you need it. We have two VIP rooms separate from the main hall for private meetings or private display rooms.  We have over an acre of landscaped grounds so you have the outdoors as an option for part of your event.

Add it all up and you have a banquet hall which can be configured to meet your exact needs, and a staff which will work closely with you to make sure your vision will become a reality.

The event hall rental should provide you with freedom of choice

Many banquet halls lock require that you use their chef for the food, or at least require you to choose from several caterers they have contracts with.  Or they require you to use their waitstaff for the banquet, paying a surcharge for that staff.  We do not believe in that at Tarrant Events Center. We have a finishing kitchen where your food can be warmed or refrigerated prior to the banquet, but other than that you are free to hire any caterer you want, or you are free to prepare the food yourself.  If you want your cousins to be the waitstaff, that’s fine with us, or you can hire pros.

The bottom line is freedom of choice, and with freedom of choice comes savings.

The even space rental should be up-front with all-inclusive pricing

And, speaking of savings, Tarrant Events Center works with an all inclusive pricing philosophy. By that we mean there are no hidden charges or last-minute price alterations. The price we agree upon when signing the lease is the price you will pay at the end of your banquet, period, end of discussion.  We are upfront about our rental fee, and that means peace of mind for you.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

The bottom line about Tarrant Events Center is this: we want our clients happy and satisfied.  Yes, we could make a little extra money by doing things a bit differently, but that’s not our business model.  We believe in giving you what you want at a price which is affordable and fair, and we believe in giving you the options so you can create the perfect banquet experience.  What really surprises us is that more event venue management firms don’t do the same.

Call us and arrange for a tour of Tarrant Events Center, and bring your imagination along on the visit.