party room rentals near me

We have a ton of information to cram into this article about party venues, and it is information you will want to read before you step out and rent a party room rental. We are Tarrant Events Center, one of the newest event center rentals in Fort Worth, Texas. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information.

But that can wait a bit; right now, let’s talk about party venues and what you should know.

Party venues should be rented early.

Whether you know it or not, many party space rentals can be rented a full year in advance, and that is a huge advantage to you, not only in securing the date you want, but in giving you ample time to plan the party based on the measurements of the party hall rental.  Our own Tarrant Events Center takes reservations a year in advance; be aware, that is not true of all event centers.

Not all party venues are the same.

This, really, is the best insider information you will ever receive.  Party venues vary greatly in size, in price, and in what they offer for that price. There is no standard in this industry. There is no common denominator, other than almost all party venues involve a building of some sort.

Some party venues offer tables, chairs, and linens. Some don’t. Some have a stage. Some don’t.  Some have a long list of amenities included in the rental price; some don’t. Some like our own Tarrant Events Center, offer multiple floor plans to accommodate individual preferences; some don’t. Some have multiple rooms and a finishing kitchen; some don’t.

The basic point we want to drive home in this section is this: make a list of things you absolutely must have in a party venue, and then start making phone calls and shop around. What you want is out there, but it is up to you to find it and/or negotiate for it.

Beware of pricing surprises and insurance safety nets.

In the world of party venues, there are things called surcharges. They are not levied in all party venues, but you need to be aware of them.  Your best defense against surcharges is to insist upon all inclusive pricing, which simply means that the price you agree upon when you sign the rental agreement is the price you will ultimately pay.

You also need to be aware of insurance needs.  Generally, party venues only insure against accidents caused by the venue itself i.e. a cracked sidewalk leading to a client tripping and getting injured.  However, injuries or loss incurred during the party, and related to your party planning/preparations, those are not covered by the event center insurance.

You can purchase event insurance. It is inexpensive and it is worth it.

That should get you started as you head out to find the perfect party venue.  When in doubt, ask questions, and don’t sign anything until you are absolutely certain that all of those T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated. Call us and ask about our ten floor plans, all inclusive pricing, and over one acre of landscaped grounds.