When looking for a party space rental

Before you start searching for the picture-perfect party space rental, or party hall rentals, hosts should know three things: guest count, budget, and overall party vision. Serving dinner for 50 means seating 50 guests — but a cocktail party with the same headcount can take place in a much smaller space.

We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and in this article we will share some of our expertise about party venues.

Questions to consider

Make a list of questions to ask at each venue you visit.  Each list will be different, of course, but they should include questions like these:

  • Do the party room rentals have a liquor license? If not, you’ll have to make arrangements with a vendor who does have one.
  • Is there a sound system? Lugging in your own speakers can be a troublesome — or even impossible, if the venue doesn’t allow amplified sound. Tarrant Events Center has a state-of-the-art sound system, and it is rare you will find one to match the quality of ours.
  • Where’s the nearest parking garage? In cities like New York, it’s safe to assume that most guests will take public transit, but that is not the case in most cities. Tarrant Events Center not only offers an ample parking lot but also over flow parking if needed.
  • How do you arrange for food to be served? At Tarrant Events Center we work closely with our customers to provide suggestions which will best meet their specific needs, and you should expect the same from any event venue you contract with.  We do not do catering, but we do have a list of caterers we have worked with in the past, as well as food trucks, and we would not make recommendations if we didn’t have complete faith in them.

Trust your gut

It’s your vision, they are your guests, and it is your money.  You must do your due diligence, and you must insist on what you want. Pay careful attention during the walk-through at any party space rental. Not only should the venue coordinator answer the majority of your logical questions with ease and confidence,” but you should also be able to envision your guests — and your event — in the space.

Our professional staff at Tarrant Events Center will not leave you with unanswered questions about places to throw a party.

If you have bad feelings when seeing a venue, pay attention to those feelings; if you are ambivalent upon seeing a venue, do not ignore that ambivalence.  Is the curfew 10 p.m., even though you were dying to dance until midnight? Say no to that venue. Do their restrictions on amplified sound mean you’ll have to ditch the DJ? Ditch it and move on.

Negotiate a contract you can live with

You have options.  If you live in a city of decent size, you will have several choices of party space rental to choose from.  The Law of Supply and Demand can work in your favor when looking at different venues.  The more options to choose from, the better for you; this is a competitive business, and you can use that in your favor.

The ball is in your court

You’re planning the event.

The venue management does not plan your event. They provide the space, but you (and your vendors) provide the vision, floor plan, food, and décor.  We understand that at Tarrants Event Center. We want your event to be the best possible, and we will work with you to make sure that happens.

The venue is a space. They are not party planners. It’s your responsibility to create the event.  Find a venue management which will work with you. Good venue management, like Tarrant Events Center, will work with you. They will make suggestions which will benefit you.

At Tarrant Events Center, we can make suggestions about caterers, food trucks, DJ’s, and the like, professionals we have worked with in the past and who we trust completely.  We also provide the following:

  • Banquet seating maximum 100 guests
  • Auditorium style seating max is 135 guests
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Cocktail tables and linens, or other tables and chairs as needed for different types of events
  • 10,000 watt state of the art sound system, for your use
  • Your personal photo slideshow displayed on our (6) 50” large monitors throughout facility
  • Cordless microphones
  • And much more including all inclusive pricing

We are Tarrant Events Center, and we have the expertise you need for any party or occasion.