A discussion about bridal shower venues

Bridal shower venues should be affordable.  A strange thing for an event center to say, but we believe it is true.  Times are tough with the economy, and the middle class is feeling the economic pinch.  Weddings are ultra-expensive, receptions quite possible more expensive than the actual weddings, and we just think the bridal shower should be the least of your financial worries.

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Bridal shower venues should be affordable.

As mentioned earlier this may seem like a strange thing for an events center management team to say about bridal shower venues, but we believe it is true.  The average cost of a wedding and reception, in the United States 2023, was $30,000.  Who can comfortably afford that in the year 2024? The uber rich, of course, but who else?  Wedding venues, the entire wedding industry, is being priced out of reach for the middle class.

The most expensive venues will cost $6000-$12,000 per event. Tack on the cost of food, entertainment, and odds and ends, and it is easy to see how that $30,000 figure could very easily be a low estimate.

For the record, Tarrant Events Center is much more affordable, for bridal shower venues, wedding venues, and reception venues.

Venues should over multiple amenities.

Let’s talk about the secondary expenses, those little costs which add up to one large expense.  If you are going to pay exorbitant rental fees, you should at least get multiple amenities included in the rental, right?  Tarrant Events Center includes the following in our reasonable rental fee:

  • Ten floor plans to choose from
  • Two VIP rooms in addition to the main room.
  • Multiple big screen monitors.
  • A moveable stage.
  • BYOB
  • BYOF
  • A finishing kitchen.
  • Over an acre of landscaped grounds.
  • Tables and chairs, of course
  • And much more

We need to again express how important these amenities are.  They are basically expenses which are included in the rental fee, meaning less expense for you.

Our opinion on the bridal shower question.

Our first recommendation: start the process early. Most venues will take reservations a full year in advance. Take advantage of this offering.  It will give you more time to plan around an actual location, and it will lock you in at the lowest price should prices increase during that ensuing year.

Insist upon all inclusive pricing, protecting you from last minute surcharges or from hidden fees.

Adopt a DIY attitude.  Professional decorators and caterers and bartenders and entertainment are all expensive.  The more you, and your friends, can do, the better for your bank account.

Our opinion, bottom line: do everything you can to have a memorable event while spending a minimum of money.  $30,000 is out of reach for most families in the U.S. in 2024.  You of course want the bridal shower, and wedding, and reception to be special, but there is no reason why “special” has to be so expensive.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated. Call us today and arrange for a tour of our facility, at which time you can ask your questions.  We are here to help make your event extra special.