A discussion about bridal shower venues

Truth be told, we don’t like the term “cheap wedding venues,” even though it is one of the most popular searches on Google.  It just sounds so shabby.  Affordable wedding venues sounds so much better, don’t you think?  Or even inexpensive wedding venues sounds better than cheap?

We make the distinction because no one wants to think their wedding is going to be cheap in appearance, even though 99% of us would like it to be affordable.  The distinction is an important one, and it is that distinction we will talk about in this article. We are Tarrant Events Center, proud to proclaim an affordable wedding venue, and we invite you to call us at 817-996-3636 for more information about our wedding venue rental.

Now, though, let’s talk a bit about making “cheap wedding venues” look like something the British Royals would want to be wed in.

If the goal is to save money on cheap wedding venues

You do not need the Taj Mahal, or Windsor Castle, or even Trump Tower, to have a wedding look majestic and magical.  To borrow from my grandfather and his favorite saying, even a sow’s ear can look pretty with enough makeup.  As long as the event center is clean, as long as it has the necessities you need for your wedding ceremony, and as long as it offers flexibility of design, you can have a fancy wedding in a very basic event room rental.

So, why pay for a Windsor Castle wannabe?

The cost of wedding venues can range from $500 to $10,000.  In truth, and this is coming from a company involved with the event rental business, the only reason the one event center charges $10,000 per night is because it has name recognition and people think of it as ultra-fancy.  But we are here to tell you that even the $500 per night event room rental can look fancy with a little elbow grease and some good old-fashioned creativity.

The cost of the venue is only part of the equation

Setting aside the discussion about rental costs for a moment, the real truth of the matter is this: the majority of the cost of a wedding, and the ensuing reception, is found in the secondary costs, namely food, flowers, decoration, entertainment, etc.  Traditionally, people would contract with a chef, with a florist, with an entertainer, and with a decorator, and those contracts would far-exceed the cost of the actual wedding venue.

Take the approach of the Little Engine That Could

And we are asking why in the world would you pay professionals to do something you can do yourself?  You can certainly gather flowers for the wedding.  You can certainly gather up some friends and decorate.  You can certainly have relatives and friends prepare foods for the wedding reception.  And you can do all of those things for a fraction of the cost of hiring to have them done.

The Little Engine That Could . . . that can be you, as long as you rent a wedding venue, like Tarrant Events Center, which gives you the flexibility needed.

What kind of flexibility?  We offer ten floor plans, so our clients can choose the exact look and ambiance they are after. We leave it to our clients to arrange for food, but we provide a finishing kitchen to store the food and prepare it when needed. We offer two VIP rooms in addition to the main wedding venue. We have an acre of landscaped grounds so the event can be held indoors, outdoors, or both.  We have a moveable stage, ten large video screens, and wireless microphones.  Everything we provide is designed with one thing in mind: giving you, the client, as many options as possible.

Truth be told, The Little Engine That Could was always our favorite childhood book.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are one of the newest event centers in Fort Worth, but we are locally owned and operated, and we understand that the new kid on the block has to work harder for recognition, and we will work hard, for you, to make sure you have what you need to create a luxurious wedding in an inexpensive setting.

Call us today! We take reservations a full year in advance, and lock in the price with our all inclusive pricing policy.