event center rental

We have all attended an event which required GPS and a team of search-and-rescue dogs to locate, right?  For whatever reason (probably cost), the event planners chose a venue rental which was off the beaten path, down some rarely-used side road, or so far out in the country only God knew it’s exactly location.

Not so at Tarrant Events Center

Located near a major intersection at Loop 820 and Denton Hwy., the Tarrant Events Center is easy to find, easy to access and has plenty of parking. ADA accessible with front-door parking access, the central location ensures more of your guests will feel comfortable attending the event, staying at the event, leaving the event, and not getting lost along the way. More people, having more fun, staying longer, and leaving later. That’s an event at the Tarrant Events Center.

It’s all about convenience with us!

Events are supposed to be informative, or events are supposed to be enjoyable.  An event which is both is an event worth attending, but it would be impossible if that event were held at an inconvenient, hard-to-access location.  The attendees arrive at such a venue already in a sour mood, and that is not a recipe for success no matter what kind of event you are planning.

Listen, we do this for a living. This is our business. We know what event planners need. We know what event attendees expect.  Our job . . . our goal . . . is to provide a convenient space where all who attend can feel comfortable in doing so.  Our job is not to entertain.  Our job is not to be something we are not.  Our job is to make it possible for you to hold the best event possible in the most convenient manner possible.

And we’ve done that!

Call us today, arrange for a tour, and book our space early.