No, not all graduations are the same and no, not all graduation venues are the same.  In this article, we will talk about the options you have when looking for a graduation event center capable of meeting your specific needs.

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Size matters in an event hall rental

How many people will be attending this graduation?  Are there fifty graduates?  Now add the number of family members each graduate has?  It is easy to see that this number can rapidly get out of control, the fifty graduates each having, say, four family members, and suddenly you need a graduate venue which can hold 250 people.

More than fifty graduates? Say one-hundred?  Suddenly you need an event hall rental which can handle five-hundred people.

And yes, before you ask, in many cases, the size of the event will affect the price of the event venue.  Not so with Tarrant Events Center, but that is the case with many event centers.

One solution: limit the number of attendees each graduate can invite to the ceremony. This is not ideal but it is done quite often in graduations across the United States.

Amenities matter in an event space rental

What do you get with a graduation venue?  You can, at the bare minimum, expect and demand tables and chairs, a stage, a sound system, and viewing monitors for easy sight access.  You should expect ample parking for the graduates and their guests. Other than that, you can expect nothing.  Some event centers, like Tarrant Events Center, offer more amenities like ten floor plans, a moveable stage, a finishing kitchen, two VIP rooms, and an acre of landscaped grounds, but we are the exception to the rule.

Bottom line: the more amenities included in the rental price, the better for you.  Ask for a list of amenities included in the rental price.  Negotiate for as much as you can get.  You are certainly within your right to do so.  It never hurts to ask, and the worst thing that can happen is you’ll hear the word “no.”

Flexibility matters in an event room rental

As mentioned earlier, Tarrant Events Center offers ten floorplans, landscaped grounds, and a moveable stage.  We cannot perfectly match the vision of every single customer, but we can offer some flexibility so we can get close to the vision.  Truthfully, that is the best you can hope for in any graduation venue, a professional, attractive event space venue where you have flexibility in setting up the graduation you envisioned.

You can have it all at Tarrant Events Center

Call us! We will work with you. We will give you a list of recommended vendors in case you want food at your event. We can recommend entertainment if that’s part of your wish list.  Our all-inclusive pricing structure means no hidden fees, and you can reserve Tarrant Events Center a full-year in advance, locking in at the current price with no worries about price increases in the future.

No, we cannot be everything for everybody, but we can come darned close for anyone shopping around for affordable graduation venues.