after wedding party option to save money

Weddings are important milestones in life, so finding affordable wedding venues which fit your budget AND deliver on your vision of a perfect wedding is pretty darned important.

This article will help you to do exactly that. We are Tarrant Events Center, providing an outstanding event venue for the needs of the good people of Fort Worth, Texas. Call us at 817-996-3636 and our leasing agent will take you through the steps of finding an outstanding wedding venue for your needs.

Now, let’s talk about how to find affordable wedding venues in your city which fit your budget.

It all begins with your budget

There are two ways to look at a wedding budget: one, this is the most important day of your life, and you want to spend as much money as possible to make it special; two, the money you spend on a wedding could be spent on saving for a house, or saving for a business, or for the upbringing of the children you plan on having.

If your goal is to find inexpensive wedding venues, your first step is to lower the amount of money you are willing to spend on that wedding.  Logically, if you are looking at cheap wedding venues, money is an issue. If that is true, you need to make the decision to not spend as much as you once thought you would.

Can you slice and dice your vision?

Lower your expectations. Shrink your dreams.  That may be hard to swallow, but weddings are only expensive if you make them expensive.  Being married by a Justice of the Peace in City Hall is not expensive. Being married at a 5-star wedding venue is expensive.  You have to make that decision. It may not be an easy one to make, but you hold the key to making your wedding affordable.

Paring down the guest list

We will make this one quick: the smaller the guest list, the less money you have to spend on the wedding.  Do you really need 250 people at your wedding?  Wouldn’t a small, intimate wedding be better?

Do the extras yourself

Food, entertainment, decorations, set-up and clean-up, those things can all be done by family members and friends. There is no need to hire out to vendors for these tasks. DIY saves money, and this article is all about saving money when looking for wedding venues.

Can you rent the venue for half-days?

Some event centers rent half-days and full-days. Obviously, renting half-days are less-expensive. Can you set-up, have the wedding, and clean-up in six hours? That’s usually what a half-day rental is, six hours.  If you can, go for it!

Look at unconventional venues

A VFW Hall . . . a school auditorium . . . a city park . . . a friend’s backyard . . . a farm . . . there is no rule which states that a wedding must be held at a wedding venue.  There are great bargains out there if you are willing to use your imagination.

Combine wedding and reception at one event hall rental

Most people have a wedding AND a wedding reception. Oftentimes they rent two venues for the two events.  You can save money by renting one event venue for both events.  For example, Tarrant Events Center has an outstanding indoor venue plus over an acre of landscaped grounds, perfect for an indoor wedding and an outdoor reception, or vice versa.

We have many more suggestions to help you find affordable wedding venues. Give us a call and talk to our leasing agent.  Tarrant Events Center, serving the fine people of Fort Worth with our eye on making dreams come true.