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There is no doubt about it: weddings can be expensive, and that truth also applies to the often-expensive after wedding party, otherwise known as the wedding reception.

This article will give you some strategies in keeping the cost down for an after wedding party. We are Tarrant Events Center, the premier event center in Fort Worth. Call us at 817-996-3636 for leasing information and answers to any questions you might have about a wedding venue or a wedding reception venues.

Now let’s look at a few strategies which will help you to keep costs down for an after wedding party.

Look at half-day rentals if available

If you can find a half-day rental for an even room rental, take a look at it. They are rare, quite frankly, because it is not profitable for the event center, and honestly a half-day rental, when considering the time it takes to set up and take down, is really a rushed situation. Still, they do exist, and if it fits your needs, it may be a situation worth consideration.

Combine wedding and wedding reception in one event space rental

This is one area where you can save yourself some serious money. Why have the wedding in one location, paying for an entire day for that location, and then two hours later moving to another location for the after wedding party, thus paying for a second location?  It makes no sense to do so financially.  Event center rentals are expensive. Why pay for two when one will do quite nicely?

Take Tarrant Events Center for an example. We have the indoor facilities for indoor wedding venues, but we also have over one acre of landscaped grounds, meaning we can also be outstanding for outdoor wedding receptions or outdoor wedding venues. Two in one, one full day rental, two events, more than enough time to set up for both, no rushing at all.  To our way of thinking, for those trying to keep costs down, this is the only logical way to approach the problem of saving money.

Negotiate with vendors yourself

Who will be serving food for your event? Who will provide the music? Who will help decorate for it? Who will set up and take down? These activities cost money. Many event centers require that you use their suggested food servers, or their set up personnel, or they might charge you for their suggested musicians.  Those hidden costs, basically paying the middle man plus an inflated cost for the services, is a bit underhanded.

At Tarrant Events Center, we rent the venue, period, end of story. We know for a fact that you can save money by negotiating with vendors for food, entertainment, and decorations. Some of you might prefer to prepare the food yourself, and some of you may have good friends who have a musical group. We think you should have that freedom. With Tarrant Events Center, all inclusive pricing, no hidden costs, is, we believe, an important business strategy.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We can handle any event you throw at us with ten different floor plans, a moveable stage, six large video monitors, a finishing kitchen, and two VIP rooms, plus ample parking and lovely landscaped grounds. Call us for answers to your questions regarding your after wedding party.