renting an event center should be done at the earliest possible time

We believe we are the best among all of the North Richland Hills banquet hall options you have. The same is true of the Keller banquet hall, Haltom City banquet hall, and Hurst banquet hall.  In fact, let’s make that the entire Tarrant County area.

Our name? Tarrant Events Center, serving the greater Tarrant County, and it would be to your advantage to CALL US before making your choice of an event hall rental.  You can find us at 5230 Denton Highway in Fort Worth.

Why are we the best event room rental?

If we are being completely honest, we are not the best for everyone.  If you want the event space rental to include food, beverages, entertainment, set-up and take-down, we are not for you. Perhaps it seems strange to hear an event venue telling you about things we do not do, but there’s a reason for it.  Let’s explore that reason.

Some event venues offer . . .

It is true, some event venues will offer a package rental. They have a party planner who will help you. They will offer food, a bartender, an entertainment package, and they will even have a staff there to serve you, help you decorate, and help you take-down after the event.

They will also gouge you extra fees for arranging for all of those extras, so you not only pay for food, but you are charged an additional fee for them arranging for it. The same is true for bartending, entertainment, and decoration.  Fees upon fees!

Trust us, this is the most expensive route you can take when renting an event center.

We do it a different way at Tarrant Events Center

We simply rent you the event space.  Our event venue can handle events including 50-300 people.  We are an all-purpose event center, meaning we can adapt for a banquet, a party, a wedding, or any other type of event.  We also have the capability of holding indoor banquets our outdoor events.

In other words, you pay for our event center.  Period!

But what about all of the other things we mentioned earlier, the food, the drink, the entertainment, and the decorating?  Who handles all of that when you rent with Tarrant Events Center?

You do!  You either do it yourself or you negotiate with vendors to do the job for you. Whichever choice you make, it is infinitely less-expensive than the option we mentioned earlier in this article.

We have a full kitchen if you want to do the food preparation or if you want to bring in a professional cook. We can make recommendations for caterers or upscale food trucks. We can give you recommendations for entertainment, bartenders, or decorators, but they are just recommendations.  You make the final decisions/choices, and that means you save beaucoup bucks!

We have the tables. We have the chairs. We have the sound system, six large video screens, two separate VIP rooms, a movable stage, and microphones.  We have a professional leasing agent who will work with you, and we have all-inclusive pricing, which means there are no hidden fees.

Call us! Tarrant Events Center really is the most affordable event center in North Richland Hills/Tarrant County.