Leasing a meeting room

Finding a meeting room to lease is actually very easy. There are quite a few options available to you, or anyone, and we are going to point out a few of the obvious options, and not-so-obvious, options, in this article.

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Now, about those options.

The obvious options for leasing a meeting room.

A meeting room is, by definition, a place where a business, or organization, conducts important business.  If one is renting a meeting room, it is assumed that there is no such suitable place at the business, or the organization, where a meeting can be conducted. Thus, the need to rent a meeting room.

The most obvious option is a convention center, an event hall rental, or an event center. All are specifically designed to handle meetings of various sizes.  The only limiting factor will be fire regulations regarding the number of people who can be in the building at any one time, so make sure you know the number of attendees before you begin your search.

The not-so-obvious options for leasing a meeting room.

Under our “not-so-obvious options” we would give mention to restaurants.  Most quality restaurants have a banquet room which can be rented for a number of hours.

Also worth considering are locations which rent coworking space. There is often a conference room in those shared office spaces, and it is common practice, for many of them, to rent that space for the length of time a meeting might require.

VFW Halls, church auditoriums, Lodges, and many hotels offer a conference room/banquet hall for hourly rental.  Practically speaking, any location with the capability of setting up tables, or chairs, and with a decent audio and video system, can serve as a meeting room. Thus, your options are considerable if you live near a heavily populated area.  Even in rural areas, local businesses are often quite eager to make a little extra income, by making their large space available for a meeting.

Our not-so-subtle suggestion before you rent.

Having said all that, there are two things you, the meeting planner, must take into consideration: the specific meeting room amenities, and whatever budget you have for that meeting.  Those two considerations will narrow down your options rather quickly, and make your search that much easier.  We would suggest you make a list of the amenities you absolutely must have i.e. audio system, finishing kitchen, extra VIP rooms, and then begin your search, most of which can be done by phone.

Narrow your choices down to the Top Three and then pay a personal visit to those three and determine which staff seems the easiest to work with.  With that determination made, your choice will be obvious to you.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

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