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Welcome to one of the great debates among those planning a wedding: outdoor wedding venues or indoor wedding venues, which is best?  In this article we will look at the benefits of both, and then pose an interesting question for you to consider: why not both?

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Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor wedding venues

The sunshine! The fresh air. The elbow room. The ambiance of nature. All of these are reasons for renting outdoor wedding venues.

The rain. The snow. The hail. The wind. The insects.  All of these are reasons why you might not want to consider outdoor wedding venues.

Make no mistake about it, there is a risk with outside wedding venues.  Not many event centers will tell you that upfront, but it’s the truth.  If you are reserving an outdoor wedding venue a year in advance, you have no clue what the weather will be like on that particular day from twelve months out.  It’s not like you can change your mind and get your deposit back when you find out they are predicting rain for your special day.  You are stuck and that’s the real of it.

But they are lovely, and they make for some very special memories if they work out.

Advantages and disadvantages of indoor wedding venues

Stuffy at times.  Crowded at times.  Lacking in ambiance at times. These are reasons we hear about certain indoor wedding venues.

Reliable in all kinds of weather.  Comforting with no risk.  Predictable and controllable. These are reasons why we hear positives about indoor wedding venues.

For people who want no hassles, and for people who are certain they can create the ambiance they want through decorations, indoor wedding venues are the obvious choice.

The obvious advantage of renting both

But what if you could have both? What if you could choose between an outdoor or indoor wedding?  The options are almost endless what you could do with an indoor space and an outdoor space, and we have found that our clients love the fact that they do have that option, which brings the discussion to Tarrant Events Center, the premium inexpensive wedding venue in Fort Worth.

Two for one at Tarrant Events Center

Indoors at the Tarrant Events Center you will find ten floor plans to choose from.  You will find a finishing kitchen, two VIP rooms, a moveable stage, state-of-the-art sound system and six giant monitors.

Outdoors you will find over one acre of landscaped grounds, ample and overflow parking, and all the ambiance you could hope for.

You choose . . . two for the price of one . . . all-inclusive pricing, meaning no surprises and no hidden fees . . . the best of both worlds for your very special event.

If you live in the Fort Worth area, the Tarrant Events Center is a must-see. Call us and arrange for a tour of our facility.  We have what you are looking for, even if you don’t yet know what that is.