We have some good news and some bad news about outside wedding venues, so read on.

We are Tarrant Events Center, an event space rental in Fort Worth, so what you are about to read comes with experience and expertise.  Read on and learn about outdoor wedding venues, and then we will say a thing or two about our outside wedding venue at Tarrant Events Center.

The good about outside wedding venues

The good aspects of an outdoor wedding venues are many.  It is always preferable, in our opinion, to hold an event outside if possible. The fresh air, the ambiance, and feeling of openness, you just can’t beat these things.  Nobody has improved on Mother Nature since man rose from the primordial ooze, and chances are nobody will.

Another nice thing about outdoor venues is the fact that they are practically limitless in number.  You can have a wedding in a public park, on a farm, on a hiking trail, or at an actual designated wedding venue.  Turn your imagination loose and you will find so many options it will be hard to choose among them.

And, finally, cost is a factor worth discussing.  On average, outside wedding venues are less expensive than indoor wedding venues, certainly a consideration for those looking for affordable wedding venues.

Now let’s talk about the bad of outside wedding venues

It really is hard to imagine much wrong with a lovely outdoor wedding venue, but there is one major consideration, and that is the weather.

You can plan the most beautiful wedding ever planned.  You can have angels singing from on high, and Mother Nature at its finest, but one thunderstorm rolls through at the time of your wedding and it all is washed out, making your wedding a soaked nightmare.  No matter where you live, do you really want to bet on the weather being perfect for your wedding date? Making that kind of bet in Fort Worth, Texas, is a fool’s bet, summer, spring, winter, or fall.

One year of planning washed out in a matter of minutes!

It’s why Tarrant Events Center is also an indoor wedding venue.

We just don’t trust the fickle nature of Mother Nature.

A word or two about Tarrant Events Center

We are one of a few indoor/outdoor wedding venues in Tarrant County, Texas.  We have a lovely one-acre expanse for an outdoor wedding, but if the weather threatens we also have a fully-functioning indoor wedding venue, and you get both with a rental of Tarrant Events Center.

The best of both worlds!

We provide the basics at Tarrant Events Center.  We provide the tables and chairs and linens.  We provide an area for a bar and for eating.  We have WiFi and a state-of-the-art sound system, and six 50” monitors.  Parking?  We have on-site parking and overflow parking.

What we don’t have is a caterer, party planner, decorator, DJ, or bartender. We leave those details up to you since it is your budget and your dream.

The good and the bad of outside wedding venues . . . at Tarrant Events Center, we eliminate the bad.  All you get is good when you rent from us.