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Party hall rentals, or party rental places, in the Fort Worth area, are numerous.  How do you choose which is the best? How can you determine which party space rental best matches your vision and your needs and your budget?

We believe Tarrant Events Center is the best of the event hall rentals in Tarrant County, and in this article we’ll tell you why. Call us for more information and to arrange a tour of the brand-new Tarrant Events Center.

We are locally owned and operated

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but we believe it is.  We are owned by a Fort Worth businessman. We are staffed by people who live and work and play in the Fort Worth area. We pay our taxes in the Fort Worth area. We are Texas born and bred, and we think that stands for quite a bit.

We are your neighbor, and we believe neighbors bend over backwards to help other neighbors. That’s what we promise you; that’s our commitment; we will go the extra mile to help our neighbors with their party and party room rentals.

We offer all-inclusive pricing

Go to our pricing page. Check out our pricing for half-days and full-days.  That price is the price you will pay.  Period!  Make your reservation, sign the contract, have your party months later, and the price will not change.  We won’t try to sneak a hidden fee in at the last minute, and you want to know why? Because neighbors don’t do that to neighbors.

We rent half-days and full-days

If you only need our party rental for the evening, there is no reason for you to pay for a full-day rental. We charge half-days or full-days, depending upon your needs. Again, we are Texans. Our goal is not to make the most money possible on each customer; our goal is to make customers happy so they will recommend us to other Texans.

We are the Little Engine that Could

We are the newest event center among many, many event centers. We are trying to establish ourselves in a very crowded market, and that means we will work harder to give you the best rental experience.  You have our word on that.  Our goal is to be the best event space rental in the entire Fort Worth area, and that means we have to work hard to deserve that designation.

The key fact about Tarrant Events Center

We’ve hinted about it throughout this article, so there it is in specific words: we are determined to be the best event room rental in all of Tarrant County, and that means we have to work harder than our competition.  We don’t claim to have the least-expensive rental hall, but we do claim to offer the best damned staff in Texas, and that staff will be there for you during crunch time.

Call us and let’s discuss your needs. We will sit down with you and make sure those needs are taken care of.  Seriously, would you expect anything less than the Little Engine that Could?  No you wouldn’t!

Call us today! Let’s make this happen!