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What do you want in a party space rental in Fort Worth?  That is the question you should be asking yourself rather than the more common question, which is “I wonder if I can find what I want?”  There are too many party venues in Tarrant County for you to settle on less than what you want and, in fact, we are about to tell you about one of the newest party room rentals in Tarrant County, Tarrant Events Center.  We are confident that after we tell you all we have to offer at Tarrant Events Center, your tiresome party space rental Tarrant County search come to an end.

Call us for more information and to arrange for a tour of our sparkling new event center.

Three big reasons why Tarrant Events Center is the place you want

And those three reasons are:

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.


The secret to our success at Tarrant Events Center is in flexibility. We can literally meet the needs of practically any person or group for practically any event. We are not a convention center. We are not a party space rental. We are not a wedding venue.  We are all of those things.

We do not have a cowboy theme. We do not have a Roaring 20’s theme. We do not have an Aladdin theme.  But we can be all of those things if you choose.

How do we do it?

We have ten floor plans to choose from. We have a moveable stage which can be as small at 4’x8’ or as large as 20’x20’. We have six large video monitors so you can see the action no matter where you are in Tarrant Events Center. We have the indoor facility plus we have over one-acre of landscaped grounds.  We have a pleasing, industrial-chic interior which can be transformed into any theme you choose. We have a finishing kitchen so you can prepare foods, warm foods, or store foods during the event.

And we have an attitude which screams “if you can dream it, we can be it!”

All-inclusive pricing

All-inclusive pricing means there are no hidden fees at Tarrant Events Center. We are not in business to gouge you with last-minute costs. We are upfront at the time of our meeting with clients, we detail every cost you are facing, and that is the same price you will pay six months, nine months, or a year after you sign the contract.

What are our prices?  You will pay between $850 and $2,500, depending upon a half-day rental, a full-day rental, and what day of the week you rent.  The price you pay for a caterer, or for entertainment, or for decorations, is entirely up to you, because you will negotiate for all of those independent contracts, thus saving money.

Locally owned and operated

This is important, so pay close attention: Texans help Texans, and Texans treat Texans right. We are not some Los Angeles-based corporation. We are Fort Worth, born and bred, and by golly we will not be happy until you are happy. That’s just the way it is at Tarrant Events Center.

Call us and find out for yourself.  We are the party space rental headquarter in Fort Worth, and we aim to make you happy.