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The majority of people planning a wedding are planning a wedding on a budget.  That means finding a wedding venue they can afford, checking out wedding reception venues they can afford, and finding vendors they can afford.

This article will help, and if you need more help, call us at Tarrant Events Center, a leader among inexpensive wedding venues in Tarrant County. We are standing by to answer your questions and share our expertise.

Planning a wedding key points

How to save money when planning a budget wedding?  Any of the following suggestions for budget wedding venues will help:

  • Trim the guestlist
  • Ask friends for help
  • Negotiate with caterers or do the cooking yourself
  • Negotiate with decorators or DIY
  • Negotiate with musicians or DIY
  • Outdoors vs indoors
  • Rent half-day vs full-day
  • Hold reception at the wedding venue

Let’s look at each of these briefly.

Trim the guestlist

Keep this simple truism in mind when making the guestlist: more people mean more cost!  Trim that guestlist.  Is it possible that some feelings will be hurt?  Yes, but it has been our experience that people understand wanting to work on a budget, and most people understand what it is like to be short on cash.  Let it be known you are only inviting primary family members and very close friends, and don’t waver on it.

Ask friends

Now is the time to pull in all of those markers and all of those favors owed to you.  Your best friend probably has the cooking skills necessary to prepare food for thirty people.  Your Aunt Cecilia definitely does.  Your old college roommate happens to be in a band.  Your cousin’s in-laws run a floral shop.  It’s time to scour your family and friends and find those hidden gems, gems who will save you money on food, decorations, entertainment, and other incidental costs.

Negotiate with everyone

If you don’t have any of those people in your family, you will need to negotiate with local restaurants, florists, and entertainers. There are many out there.  In Fort Worth, just for food alone, you have hundreds of options. Start making calls and find the absolute best price . . . and don’t forget food trucks as an option.


Generally speaking, outdoor wedding venues cost less than indoor wedding venues.  Yes, you run the risk of having a storm blow through on the day of your wedding, but it is something to think about and consider.

Half day

Some budget wedding venues, like Tarrant Events Center, offer half-day rentals as well as full-day rentals. There is definitely money to be saved by renting by the half-day.

Wedding and reception at one venue

If you are also planning on having a reception, you can save money by finding a wedding venue which also has space for the reception, again like Tarrant Events Center. Why pay full price for two venues when one will do quite nicely?

A word about Tarrant Events Center

The staff of Tarrant Events Center is standing by to answer your questions and arrange for a tour of our facility. We offer indoor and outdoor venues, a full range of amenities, all-inclusive pricing, and much more. Call us today and we can help you with your budget wedding plans.