holiday party venues

If you are thinking it’s a little early to reserve holiday party venues for the upcoming holiday season, think again! Hopefully, this article will change your way of thinking regarding that issue, and in the process, allow you to rent the exact party venue you want at a price you can afford.

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Holiday party venues fill up quickly

This article is being posted in July of 2022, three months before Halloween, four months before Thanksgiving, and five months before the Christmas/New Year season.  There is an excellent chance that most topnotch, highly-desirable party room rentals in Fort Worth, and other major cities, have already been reserved for the 2022 holiday season.

We kid you not!  And that means, of course, that you will be choosing from among the leftovers with regards to party venues.

Your best course of action is this: as soon as you have a date for your holiday party, start looking to make a reservation.  Do not hesitate. Do not assume you have ample time.  Now that COVID is not dominating the news, and restrictions are lifted, the future looks fairly normal again, and that means those parties, which were put on hold for the two years of the pandemic, are going to be scheduled, and that means a flood of party-planners scouring the local area in search of a great party venue.

Do not hesitate on party hall rentals!

Did you know you could reserve a party space rental a full-year in advance?

At Tarrant Events Center, you can reserve a date for your party a full-year in advance, and we highly-recommend you do so.  And, if that’s our policy, you can bet it is the policy of some other party venues in Fort Worth, or New York, or Chicago, and even in Anchorage, Alaska. Take advantage of this large reservation window, and assure that you will have a place to throw a great party.

Other advantages to reserving holiday party venues early

The other major advantage to early reservations is that you lock in on the price at the time of the reservation, ensuring that you will not suffer through a price-increase if you wait too long.  Reserving early could easily save you hundreds of dollars, and that type of savings could make, or break, a party budget.  It will also give you ample time to plan the party, the make sure all aspects of the party are taken care of, from entertainment to caterers to decorations.  In the field of party-planning, the early worm most definitely catches the proverbial worm, and early contracts with caterers, decorators, and entertainers, will lock you in on lower prices for their services as well.

Call us at Tarrant Events Center

Need more information about holiday party venues? Call us and we will share with you what we know, which is quite a lot.  Ask us about all-inclusive pricing, a policy we follow and one which will save you from last-minute surcharges and surprising hidden fees.  When you want the best that Fort Worth has to offer in event centers, Tarrant Events Center is the one to call.