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If you have ever looked into renting special event venues, you know the truth in our article title.  There is a vast shortage of special event venues in the United States, certainly nowhere near the number needed to meet demand, and that is what we want to discuss in this article, the reality of the current situation and what you, the consumer, can do when it comes time for you to rent an event center for your special event.

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Special event venues by the number

Take any city of a decent size, and the situation is the same.  There are people looking for wedding venues, corporate event venues, birthday party venues, and Sweet 16 venues.  You have a demand for retirement parties, wedding reception venues, outdoor wedding venues, indoor wedding venues, and New Years Eve party venues.

A simple fact: there is a limited number of event venues in any city, certainly not enough to meet the growing demand of a growing population.

The immediate future of special event venues

With that simple fact comes this truth: this is not a good situation for the consumer.  A low supply of anything, coupled with a high demand, will almost always mean higher rental prices and, in many instances, a lack of availability during peak seasons.

What does that mean for the consumer, the people who want a special venue for their special event?  It means, simply, that they can expect to pay more in 2023 than they did in 2022, and that is if they can find a decent event hall rental in the first place.  For those planning a wedding during peak wedding months like June and July, this could be a large problem. Those looking for an event center for a company Christmas party may be disappointed; the same is true for any event based on a fixed calendar date, like Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

What you can do when renting an event space rental

When supply is low, ,and demand is high, the consumers only have two viable options: either make reservations as early as possible, or rent during times not considered peak rental times.  A word or two about those two options.

Places like Tarrant Events Center, reputable venue rentals where management understands the problem of availability, take reservations a full year in advance. This is extremely important for those planning a special event.  Quite simply, the earlier you can make a reservation, the better.

And, if at all possible, avoid peak seasons.  Summer weddings are lovely, but winter weddings can be just as lovely, and they are much easier to plan for, and your chances of finding wedding venues in February increase dramatically.  The same is true for practically all events. Planners should pay attention to the slow periods on a rental calendar, and plan the event around the calendar and available dates.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are here to help you, so give us a call, and find out what first-rate service really looks like. Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, and we take reservations a full year in advance. Also, ask us about our all-inclusive pricing policy.  It will save you money!