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What is the best time to rent an event center?

Even though that is a bit of a tricky question, we will give it our best shot in this article. We are Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth, Texas, so we know a thing or two about the event center rental business. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information and to arrange for a tour if you are in the Fort Worth Metro area.

What is the best time to rent an event center?

This is actually an impossible question to answer.  The events center calendar is usually busy year-round.  Birthday parties occur every month of the year.  Yes, there are the busy months for weddings, namely the April-September window but, in reality, weddings also happen in December and March.  Corporate events can happen at any time, and there are always graduation parties holiday parties and adorable baby showers and retirement parties.  In other words, if someone is wondering when the “slow period” is for an event center, the answer, in most cases, is there is no slow period.

This is the best policy regarding an event center rental

The absolute best policy you can follow when renting an event hall rental is to make your reservation as early as possible.  At Tarrant Event Center, reservations can be made a full year in advance, and corporate bookings for a convention can be made two years in advance.  The best policy, then, is to set a date, for your event, at the earliest possible time.  Then go out, find the event room rental which best fits your needs, and best matches your budget, and reserve it as early as possible. This will lock you in on a date, and it will lock you in on the rental price to guard against any price increases which may occur.

Does the date affect the price?

In some cases yes, the date will affect the price.  At Tarrant Events Center, Saturdays are our most expensive days because they are the most sought-after days.  Our rental prices range from $2000-$3000, with Saturdays being the $3000 price.  As far as dates on a calendar, it depends on the individual event space rental. Some places have a higher price during the holidays period from Thanksgiving to New Years. Some charge more during peak wedding times like September or April.

Protect yourself with all-inclusive pricing

Our first word of advice, already mentioned, is to set that reservation as early as possible. Our second recommendation is to insist upon all-inclusive pricing, which locks you in on a price, and guards you against last minute fees, surcharges, or hidden penalty fees.  All-inclusive pricing means that the price you agreed upon when you signed the reservation contract is the price you will pay when the event has occurred and the event is wrapped up.

We offer it at Tarrant Events Center, and you should insist upon it wherever you are.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, just Texans helping Texans, providing the best event center experience in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Call us and arrange for a tour of our facility.