small affordable wedding Venues and what you should look for.

If you know anything about wedding venues and wedding planning, you know this: that beautiful wedding you have dreamt about is going to cost you an arm and a leg when it is all said and done.  Having said that, it might seem strange for a Fort Worth wedding venue to tell you how to save money, but we do things a bit differently at Tarrant Events Center, so feel free to take advantage of our largesse.

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Now, let’s talk about the calendar.

Wedding venues and the busy time of the year.

The vast majority of weddings in America take place from May to October, with 43% taking place in September and October.  Why? The weather is the biggest reason. Early Fall traditionally offers pleasant weather, and for outdoor wedding venues, there is also the lure of Fall foliage colors as a backdrop for the ceremony.

Having said that, one might expect the cost of a venue rental to be higher during the peak season, and you would be correct in that assessment.  We are not saying this is a universal business practice, but it certainly is the norm.

We can also break it down even more and tell you that a wedding venue is more than likely going to charge more on the weekend than during a weekday, simply because the vast majority of weddings happen on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday when attendees are not working.

These are facts, not conjecture, and they point to a rather obvious conclusion: if you are interested in saving money, the first thing for you to do is schedule your wedding during the “down season” and choose a weekday for the ceremony. A Wednesday in February has a much better chance of saving you money than a Saturday in early September.

Secondary costs might also be lower.

The businesses associated with weddings feel the financial pinch during the off-season as well. Caterers, decorators, entertainment, all see their businesses dip in earnings during January through the end of March, and there is a much better chance of you finding lower prices during those months.

Why would we tell you these things?  Most quality event room rentals do quite well during the peak season. In fact, we often have to refuse reservations during the peak season, so it’s not like sharing this information with you will hurt our rental income.  Rather, by sharing this information with you, the odds of spreading our reservations around the entire calendar improve dramatically so yes, we do benefit by sharing this information.

A secondary tip: make your reservation a full year in advance. That way, if the price increases during that year, you will have signed a contract for the lower rental price.

One final tip which is huge regarding savings.

This is the best wedding tip you will ever receive.  Find an event space rental like our Tarrant Events Center which has an indoor space as well as an outdoor are.  That way you can have the wedding, and reception, at the same venue, thus saving you from reserving two separate venues. The savings? Thousands of dollars!

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated. Call us and ask us about all inclusive pricing, yet again another money-saving policy we are proud to offer.