party venues

This question, about party venues, is one we hear often, and it is also one which is practically impossible to answer with any degree of satisfaction.

Allow us to explain that rather wishy-washy answer in this article. We are Tarrant Events Center, one of the newest, and most functional party venues/event center in Fort Worth, Texas.  You can call us with all of your party space rental questions at 817-996-3636 for more information or to arrange for a tour of our party room rental.

Now, about that price structure!

What do party venues cost to rent?

You won’t be happy with this answer, but there is no satisfactory answer to this question about the cost of party venues. The prices range from around $500 per rental period to ten-thousand or more, and that price is determined by the particular city and the amount of competition.

Taking our own Tarrant Events Center as an example, we only rent on a full-day basis, which is 8 a.m. to close. Some event centers will rent on a half-day basis.  Our prices range from $2000-$3000 per day, depending upon the day of the week, Saturdays being the most expensive.

Is that price expensive in Fort Worth?  It is actually about middle-of-the-pack for Fort Worth.  Would it be expensive in Rapid City, South Dakota?  Probably, yes, but that same price would seem inexpensive in Los Angeles or New York City.

Is that a fair price for a party venues rental?

It is absolutely impossible to answer that question regarding fair price.  Is our price a competitive price? Most-definitely!  Is it a fair price for Fort Worth? Most-definitely!  Especially when you consider all of the extras which are included in that price, and all of the flexibility we offer with our unique party hall rentals design.

Protect yourself against hidden costs/surcharges/last-minute add-ons with party venues

One word of caution, no matter where you are looking for party venues.  Be sure and ask for all-inclusive pricing when you are out looking. All-inclusive pricing ensures that there will be no hidden fees or last-minute surcharges.  It says that the price you agreed upon when you signed the reservation form is the final price you will pay once your party is held.  This is an important point, one we believe strongly in at Tarrant Events Center, and we believe it is your right as a renter to ask for it and demand it.

Regarding the “fair price” question, we are sorry, but there is no answer for that question.  It is only a fair price if it seems reasonable to you, and the price is in line with the prices charged throughout your particular city.  That is why we believe it is very important that you take a look at as many event centers as possible before finally signing a rental agreement.  If you are satisfied with the price charged, and with the list of amenities offered for that price, then that price is “fair.”

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are, in a sense, the “new kids on the block” in Fort Worth, so we try harder to be the best among the dozens of party venues/event centers. Call us and ask us about our ten floor plans, our acre of landscaped grounds, and our all-inclusive pricing policy.  We take reservations a full year in advance.