holiday party venues

Affordable party venues?  Affordable for whom? That is the question we need to be asking before we attempt an answer.  Let’s assume you are not one of the Koch brothers, and you actually have financial worries from time to time.  Let’s assume you are one of the 99% in America who walks a financial tightrope, from time to time, and isn’t always sure how you will meet your obligations.  We will answer the question about affordable party venues with that assumption, and let the Koch brothers fend for themselves.

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What you can expect to pay for party venues

We begin this conversation with this statement: there is no “average” price for party venues.  The price, in any city, is determined by a number of factors, not limited to location, quality, reputation, size, etc.  Renting a Six Flags location for a party venue will cost you considerably more than renting the local VFW Hall.

Having said that, one is looking at a range of between $50-$1000 per hour. Put it another way, you are looking at a few hundred dollars or ten-thousand dollars, which brings us back to that original question of affordability. What is affordable for you?

It begins with your party budget

Surely you have a ballpark figure of what you can afford to spend on this party.  Your own personal budget will, of course, dictate what that budget is.  You may have two-thousand dollars allotted to this future party; you may only have five-hundred allotted.  Make that determination first before you ever start your search, but remember that the budgeted amount must not only pay for the chosen party space rental, but it must also pay for the decorations, food, and entertainment.  With that in mind, if you have two-thousand dollars to play with, you may only want to spend five-hundred of it on a location, and fifteen-hundred of it on food, decorations, and entertainment.

Again, you are the only one who can make that determination, but it must be made before you go out and search for a party space rental.  If you can only afford five-hundred on party hall rentals, you will have shortened your list of potential sites very quickly.  If you can spend two-thousand on the rental, your list is longer.

Our goal is not to confuse you

Our goal, really, is to simplify this process for you, but you still need to do your due diligence.  For example, our event center, Tarrant Event Center, will cost you in the neighborhood of $2000-$3000 for a full day, depending upon which day of the week you rent.  That price does not include food, nor does it include decorations or entertainment.  If you are frugal, a party at Tarrant Events Center can be held for between $3000-$4000 including food, entertainment, and decorations.

Are there cheaper locations than our Tarrant Events Center?  Yes!  Are there more expensive locations? Yes!  It all depends upon what you want, what you can afford, what amenities are included in the rental package, and what you are willing to do regarding the food, entertainment, and decorations.

Call us at Tarrant Events Center if you need to speak to a professional in this field, and if you are looking for affordable party venues in the Fort Worth area, make Tarrant Events Center your first phone call.