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Let’s face it, by the time you have paid for the wedding venue, paid for the food and entertainment and decorations for the reception venue, there isn’t much money left over in that budget of yours for any reception venues not named your back yard.  As my dad was fond of saying, that’s just the real of it in the post-pandemic world.  Money is tight.  Huge, expensive weddings are only held by the uber-rich. The average Jo, or Joe, on the street, cannot afford extravagance.

We understand! Reception hall rentals are our business, and we are fully-aware of the money situation facing most people in the U.S. post-pandemic.  We are Tarrant Event Centers, serving the fine people of Fort Worth, Texas, and we think we have found the perfect solution for those looking to save some cash on reception halls. Call us at 817-996-3636 to arrange for a tour of our event center, or if you have more questions about this money saving-solution we are about to tell you about.

Let’s look at the expense you are facing

We are going to run a scenario by you to illustrate your upcoming point. The dollar figures we use will just be industry averages and in no way are expected to be accurate for every location.

You rent a wedding venue for $3000.  You rent a reception hall rental for $2000.  You pay a caterer another thousand for the reception food, a decorator another grand for decorations, and a musician five-hundred for a few hours of his/her rendition of the Piano Man.  Suddenly your wedding budget has taken a $7500 hit and you haven’t even paid for the wedding gown, the preacher, and the miscellaneous expenses which are bound to appear out of nowhere.

Combine and save

But what if you found a place like Tarrant Events Center where you could have the wedding ceremony, and the reception, at the same location for one rental price?  Suddenly you save $2000 on that reception venue you were going to rent, and who doesn’t want to save $2000?

It is entirely possible to do so at an event hall rental like Tarrant Events Center.  We offer, with every single rental, our main event space rental plus over an acre of landscaped grounds, perfect for an outdoor reception and indoor wedding, or indoor reception and outdoor wedding.  The rental period is more than adequate for two events, including set-up and take-down, no rushing necessary.

It really is the perfect solution for those on a tight budget, and your wedding guests will be happy that they don’t have to drive to the wedding and then drive to the reception.

Get a little more creative with DIY

Save even more money by preparing the food yourself, decorating the event center yourself, and having a friend or relative provide the entertainment.  Suddenly, your expenses are shaved in half, and everyone is happy in the end.

Is it a perfect solution? Perhaps!  Perhaps not!  But it will save you money, and in today’s tough economic world, saving money is definitely a good thing.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

With ten floor plans, a moveable stage, two VIP rooms, outstanding audio and video system, and a staff working hard to make you happy, the Tarrant Events Center is a logical choice for anyone in the Fort Worth area looking for quality at a discount price. Call us to arrange for a tour of our facility.