How does one find affordable party venues?

That’s what we’re going to tell you in this article. We are Tarrant Events Center, a leader in venues in Fort Worth, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we are the DFW experts in affordable party venues.

Read on!

Our suggestions can be summarized with these bullet points:

  • Shop early
  • Always negotiate
  • Work with various vendors
  • Cut corners wherever possible
  • Cut back on the glitz and glamour

Shop early

We recommend you begin planning your party one year in advance. That may seem ridiculous to some, but we are in the venue rental business and we can assure you that it is not. Some steps in the planning process can wait until three, two, or one month out, but finding an actual event space rental should be done at the earliest moment possible.

Always negotiate

You may not be able to negotiate with the venue management, but you can certainly negotiate with the other vendors you work with.  Our standard word of advice about negotiation: it never hurts to try.  The worst that will happen is the vendor will say no.

Work with various vendors

You will find some places to have a party which include catering, a bar, a DJ, and set-up, takedown as part of their package.  Avoid those places.  Chances are excellent that you can get a better price by negotiating directly with a caterer, bar tender, and DJ.  Package deals have a profit penciled into every service.  Tarrant Events Center is a turnkey operation.  We rent our party venue rental and leave all the foo-foo stuff for you to negotiate.  You will like our competitive pricing because we only charge you for the event venue.

Cut corners at every turn

Do you need a photographer for your party?  How about paying your cousin, who is an amateur photographer, a discounted price?  Do you need a DJ? Ask around at the local college for referrals.  Do you need catering?  A food truck might save you money over a professional caterer.  Do you need the place decorated?  Go back to that college and find some students who want to make some extra cash, or go to the Dollar Store, buy decorations, and do it yourself.  Our job at Tarrant Events Center is to rent you our party space rental.  You are fully capable of handling all the rest of the planning.

Cut back on the glitz

Try to remember, especially if you are on a tight budget, that the important part of this party is the party itself, the coming together of friends, colleagues, or family, for the sake of seeing each other.  Who needs glitz when you’ve got comradeship?

Tarrant Events Center is here to help with our features-benefits. We understand how important these parties are to people.  Yes, we are in business to make money with our party venue, but we are not in the business of gouging people.  Our customers are also our Fort Worth neighbors and business associates, so it is in our best interest to offer a fair price which is a great value.

Find a place like Tarrant Events Center in your city and you’ve got it made in planning for that party.  Ask us about our all-inclusive pricing.