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If the title of this event venue article has you a bit confused, read on. We promise, the information included in this article will be worthwhile, if you are in the market for an event space rental.

We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with our all-purpose event center. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information and to arrange for a tour of our facility.

Okay, let’s talk about flexibility in an event venue.

What does event venue flexibility mean?

To describe flexibility in an event room rental, it might be easier to describe the traditional event hall rental, the type we have seen for decades in the U.S.

You enter through the front door of the traditional event center and you come upon a reception desk. There you sign in, if necessary, and you then are ushered into the main room of the facility.  There are, of course, restrooms, if needed.  And that, quite frankly, describes 90% of the event centers constructed since 1900. It is a rigid floor plan, offers no opportunity for creativity, and it has all the personality of a warehouse.

The more flexibility, the better the chance clients can make their vision come to life.  Are there various floor plans to choose from i.e. ways to arrange tables, chairs, the stage, etc.  Are there more rooms than just the main hall? Are there outdoor areas where attendees can stretch their legs, or where you could possibly decorate for part of the event?  These things matter when it comes to the various ideas and needs of clients.  One size does not fit all in the event room rental business, nor should it.

How can event venue flexibility save you money?

One other way that flexibility can be incorporated in a venue rental: Are BYOB and BYOF allowed at the venue?  Supplying your own liquor and food will save you considerable money, but it is a rare event center which allows that to happen.  Why? Because they can make money by supplying a bartender and/or a caterer, or they can earn a referral fee by recommending one or both.  And, the other problem with traditional event centers, is they do not have a kitchen noir do they have separate rooms for bartending or other services.

Saving money does not mean sacrificing quality.

Tarrant Events Center is priced in the middle of the pricing range when it comes to our rental fee.  Having said that, our rental fee also includes two VIP rooms in addition to the main hall. It includes a finishing kitchen and ten floor plans. It includes over an acre of landscaped grounds.  Our goal, in building Tarrant Events Center, was to make it as flexible as possible and thus make it as attractive as possible to a wide array of clients and their needs.

And we believe we accomplished that.

If you do not live in Fort Worth, it is our suggestion that you take a page from our book, and find an event venue which offers as much flexibility as possible.  It will save you money in the long run, and it will give you many more options as you attempt to make your vision come to life.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated. Call us today and ask us about all-inclusive pricing and yes, we take reservations a full year in advance.