What are your options when looking for a bridal shower venues rental space?  We have some suggestions for you which range from “ultra-inexpensive” to “costly-but-worth-considering.”

We are Tarrant Events Center, Fort Worth’s premier event space rental, and we are going to share some professional thoughts with you about finding the perfect, affordable bridal shower event venue.

We break down halls for rent options into three categories:

  • Private residence
  • Turnkey venue
  • All-in-one event venue

Let’s take a look at each of these.

Private residence

This is the absolute low end of the cost spectrum.  A friend of the bride offers to have the bridal shower at their home.  The cost for the event space rental: zero!  The only costs associated with this option are the costs of catering and entertainment.  This option is certainly good for the budget.  If you are lucky, and have a friend who has a lovely hope on a lovely setting, this may well turn out to be the best for those looking for an affordable party hall rentals.

Turnkey venue

This is the most affordable option in a professional setting.  A turnkey venue offers an event hall, tables, chairs, and usually a few more amenities.  Tarrant Events Center is such a venue.  We offer the bare basics, including a sound system, WiFi, and six 50” monitors, at a very reasonable cost.  It is then up to you to negotiate for caterers or DJ’s or entertainment.

All-in-one venue

This is the most expensive of your options.  With this option you are not only renting a bridal shower event space but also paying for the food preparation, set up and take down, entertainment, etc.  There usually is no negotiating with these venues and thus they are quite pricey.  If you have an unlimited budget, and money is not a consideration, this might be the option for you.  The reality of the situation, however, is for 99% of those getting married, a budget is a reality.

Our suggestion

If you don’t have a friend or family member with a stunning home in a stunning location, our recommendation is that you look for a turnkey venue like the Tarrant Events Center.  You then negotiate with the caterers, the entertainment, and any other vendors you may want.  There are ways to save money when looking for a bridal shower rental space, but only if you start your search early and learn to be flexible and creative.

One suggestion: plan your bridal shower, wedding, and reception for the same venue. That way you may be able to negotiate a better “package price” with one venue rather than with three individuals.

About Tarrant Events Center

We work with our clients to provide the basics for what you need for your event.  We do not try to talk you into extras you may not need.  Our job is to provide the best venue rental you will find.  We believe you are fully capable of negotiating with caterers and florists and entertainment companies for a good price.  Our job is to give you what you need at a price which will fit nicely into your budget, and our clients will tell you that we provide what we promise to provide at a cost you can afford.


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