after wedding party option to save money

Don’t let the term “budget wedding venues” scare you off. “Budget” does not have to have the meaning of cheap wedding venues. It can simply refer to inexpensive wedding venues, and in the case of Tarrant Events Center, budget, or inexpensive, simply means great value for your dollar. Call us for more information at 817-996-3636 if you are looking for a quality wedding venue in the Fort Worth area.  We like to think of our facility as the event center anyone can afford for any occasion.

Three areas of great value in a budget wedding venue

We believe Tarrant Events Center offers value in three areas:

  • Low price
  • All inclusive pricing
  • Combine two events in one space

Reasonable price

Prices for our Tarrant Event Center start at $1500, Sunday through Thursday, for a full-day rental. That is on the low end of the pricing scale in the Fort Worth area.  If you have already done some shopping around, you know that you can pay upwards of $10,000 for some wedding venues.

In our opinion, a high price does not, necessarily, mean better.  We offer a brand new facility, ten floor plans to choose from, a moveable stage which adjusts in size, six big screen monitors, state-of-the-art sound system, a finishing kitchen, a VIP room, large parking area, and one acre of landscaped property for a relaxing break outside before or after the event.

$1500 or $10,000 . . . which, to you, sounds more reasonable?

All inclusive pricing

This is important so please, pay close attention: at Tarrant Events Center, we offer all inclusive pricing. There are no hidden fees at Tarrant Event Center. We lock you into a price when you sign the contract, and that contract is good for a full year.  We will not approach you later asking for hidden costs.  You know going in exactly what you are paying, and that is a huge value.

In addition, you arrange for food vendors, music, and decorating. We do none of that, which means you won’t be paying for a middle man like you do at some many other wedding venues.  Negotiate for the best price you can find for those amenities. We stay out of that so you can save money.

Combine wedding and reception in one low price

You have our whole facility for an entire day.  You have an indoor facility plus a landscaped outdoor area. Why not set up for the wedding and the reception at the same facility?  Why pay for two facilities when one will work perfectly?  At Tarrant Events Center you have an indoor wedding venue and an outdoor reception venue, or an indoor reception and outdoor wedding venues . . . all for one very reasonable cost.

Three areas of great value found at Tarrant Events Center, and if you are not in the Fort Worth area, three areas of value for you to think about during your own search.

 A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are brand-new, we know what we are doing, and we believe we offer the best value in the Fort Worth area. Call us for more details and to arrange for a tour of our wedding venue.  Locally owned and operated, we try harder to make you happier.