party venue for adults

You are looking at cheap party halls for rent.  No surprise!  In a tough economy, everyone is looking for cheap, no matter what they are looking for.

The good news from Tarrant Events Center:  cheap party hall rentals for rent are available.

A word of warning: you have to know what to look for, and understand how the “party room rentals” business is run.

We are here to clarify the confusion about party space rental venues.  Tarrant Events Center serves the Greater Fort Worth area, but what we have to tell you in this article applies throughout the United States.

Kinds of party halls for rent to choose from

Your search for a party venue rental will net you three different options:

  • A turnkey venue
  • An all-in-one venue
  • A “somewhere in-between option for party venues

Let’s look at each of these.

A turnkey venue

To understand what a turnkey venue is, you have to look no further than Tarrant Events Center.  A turnkey venue offers the bare minimums for any event.  These would include the following:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Audio system
  • WiFi
  • Video system
  • Parking
  • Space for a bar, kitchen, and eating area if needed

What we don’t offer are decorators, party planning, bartending, catering, or set-up and take-down services.  In other words, what you get with Tarrant Events Center if a cheap party hall.  What you do with that cheap party hall is your business.  You are free to transform our hall into any kind of party you want.  Hey, it’s your dream and it’s your vision.  You don’t need our help to make that vision a reality.  Besides, if we helped you with all that other stuff, we would have to charge you for it, and that would take us away from “cheap” and into “expensive,” which leads us to the second option you have.

All-in-one party venue

With an all-in-one party venue, you are not only contracting for a physical site, but you are also contracting for a caterer, bartender, decorator, party planner, etc.  Now that may seem very convenient, and it is, but it is also expensive, and your searching for “cheap party halls for rent” and not “expensive party halls for rent.

Skip this option!

Somewhere in-between

Some venues will offer the party hall plus set-up/take-down. Some will include catering in their price. Some will just offer live music in their price.  No matter what they are offering, it will cost extra, taking you further away from “cheap.”

What’s the solution?

We know what you are thinking?  You do want a caterer, and you do want a DJ, and you do want a bartender.  Sure those things cost money, so why not pay for it with the event center?

And the answer is simple:  amenities added into a package price have a profit margin added on, which increase the price you will pay.  On the other hand, if you shop around for caterers and bartenders and DJ’s, you can negotiate for the best price you will find, which will SAVE you money.

We don’t gouge you at Tarrant Events Center.  We give you what you want, an inexpensive turnkey event center.  What you do with it is your business.