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Do you know what’s wrong with any search for cheap venues (venue rental) near me?

The word “cheap” is what’s wrong.

Cheap means shabby to most people.  Cheap means low-quality to most people.  Cheap means saving money is a higher priority than the quality of the venue rental.

None of those things apply to Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth, Texas.  We may be inexpensive.  We may have one of the most reasonable rental fees in the industry.  But there is no way we are shabby, low-quality, or low quality in appearance.

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What does a cheap venue look like?

Let’s say you want to have a bachelor’s party.  A cheap venue for that party would be in Cousin Jake’s Rec Room.  A cheap venue for it would be at the Bob’s Tavern.  It would not be at Tarrant Events Center.

What if you wanted a wedding venue at a reasonable price?  A cheap wedding venue would be on the Las Vegas Strip. It would not be at Tarrant Events Center.

What if you wanted a banquet hall on a tight budget?  A cheap banquet hall would be the local high school cafeteria.  It would not be at Tarrant Events Center.

What you want is an inexpensive event space rental, not a cheap one!

It’s’ all about perception!

Tarrant Events Center is inexpensive compared to many event hall rental.  In the DFW Metroplex you can find event halls which rent for ten grand or more. Compared to those places, Tarrant Events Center is most definitely inexpensive.  Compared to having a wedding on the Queen Mary, Tarrant Events Center is definitely an affordable wedding venue.  Compared to having a corporate event in the Dallas Cowboy’s Event Center, the Tarrant Events Center is an inexpensive and affordable corporate event space.

It’s all about perception!

Cheap does not have to mean inadequate!

Tarrant Events Center provides everything you need to hold any kind of activity/event.  We do not scrimp on quality on those things we do provide, which includes:

  • Banquet tables
  • Auditorium tables
  • Chairs
  • WiFi
  • 10,000 Watt sound system
  • Six large monitors
  • Microphones
  • Overflow parking
  • Prep kitchen

Walk in, pay the rental fee, set up, and have your event, all for a very reasonable rental fee which, compared to many of our competitors, would probably appear to be “cheap,” but which we prefer to call a GREAT DEAL!

It’s all about perception!

We keep the price down because we don’t mess around with catering or bartending or decorating. We don’t provide music.  It’s your event and we figure you would much rather put your own personal stamp on any event you plan.  You don’t need us telling you that you have to eat our food or drink our booze.  You don’t need us saddling you with our house band or DJ.  What you need from Tarrant Events Center is a quality event space rental at a quality price, and that we can promise you.

Did we mention that Tarrant EventsCenter is locally owned and operated?

It’s all about perception!

Give us a call and let’s make this happen!