The key to renting a corporate event space is in renting corporate events space which can handle the unique aspects of a corporate event.  Not just any event hall will do.  Corporate events call for amenities many corporate event venues simply do not have.

We are Tarrant Events Center, one of the top event space rentals in the Fort Worth area, and we know a thing or two about corporate events.  Here’s what you need when you are choosing such corporate meeting rooms:

  • Strong WiFi access
  • Audio equipment
  • Visual equipment
  • Flexibility in layout/options to choose from
  • Primary parking plus overflow parking

Let’s look at each of these for any event space rental.

Strong WiFi Access

Corporations love to use the latest tech gadgets to provide information to their event participants. Wi Fi is a must, and it must be powerful WiFi.  Delays will not do.  Poor quality will not do.  This is one of those things many people overlook, but in planning a corporate event, it is quite important.  Tarrant Events Center does not scrimp on WiFi.  We can handle any needs for any corporate event.

Audio equipment

A state-of-the-art audio mix is a must in any event room rental.  Corporate events are all about “putting on a good face,” a face which says qualified and in-charge.  The equipment you use to deliver that message is vital. Tarrant Events Center has an exceptional audio system available for all events.

Visual equipment

How does six-50” screens sound to you? That’s what the Tarrant Events Center provides, assuring that all event participants have access to the information being presented.

Flexibility in layout options

How many rooms will be needed? Will you need one major gathering space, plus separate meeting rooms, plus cafeteria seating? How about outdoor venue options as well as indoor options?  Can your vision work in the event hall rental you are considering?  Tarrant Events Center can handle groups from 10-275.  We have banquet seating for 100, and auditorium seating for 135.  We have a quality indoor venue plus one acre of outdoor venue grounds including picnic tables.  We ooze flexibility!

Ample parking

Check out the parking. There should be primary parking as well as overflow.  Prepare for the worst and pray for the best of circumstances when planning a corporate event. Tarrant Events Center has both.  We’ve got you covered, best case scenario or worst.

Final thoughts about a corporate event space

The bottom line is this regarding the rental of a corporate event space:  plan early, make sure all your needs are met, and always have a contingency plan.  You get one shot to impress those attending your corporate event.  Don’t blow it by skimping on the planning and preparation.

One other thought:  when renting a corporate event space, our suggestion is that you rent just a space.  Leave things like caterers or food trucks or decorations to those who specialize in those things.  Many event spaces will offer package deals which include all of the amenities. It is our experience that you are better off negotiating with individual vendors for the nuts and bolts of the actual event.