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Do you know what a DIY event space rental is?  If not, this article will inform you, and it will, quite literally, save you thousands of dollars when planning for your next big event.

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Now, though, let’s learn about a DIY event space rental, and what it means, to you, for savings.

What is a DIY event space rental?

A DIY event hall rental means exactly what you would imagine it to mean: you “do it yourself” for all aspects of the event you are planning.  You rent an event space which has all the necessary incidentals and amenities you will need for the event, but instead of contracting out for food, servers, entertainment, and decoration, you handle all of that yourself, thus saving thousands of dollars.

Is this possible at all events center? No, and that is why this article should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone looking to rent an event space.  Some event centers require that you contract with food vendors from their preferred list. Some require that you hire their set-up and take-down crew.  Some will only allow preferred event decorating firms.

If your goal is to save money WHILE hosting an outstanding event, we suggest you look for event venues where you have the freedom to go DIY.

DIY Food preparation and serving

For DIY food preparation, all you need in an event center is a finishing kitchen where you can store the food until it is time to serve it.  You prepare the food at home, or have friends prepare it, or contract it out to your old college chum who has a catering truck.

DIY entertainment

Do you need entertainment for your event?  If so, you should seriously consider your own network of friends and family to provide the entertainment, rather than paying union scale for professional musicians.  Everybody knows somebody who knows a DJ, right?

DIY decorations

It’s time to call in some favors from some people who have owed you for quite some time.  Basic decorations for an event, whether it be a birthday party or a corporate dinner, are not difficult to provide.  Party stores have everything you need, minus the muscle-power to actually decorate the event space.

DIY set-up and take-down

This is perhaps the most ridiculous expense, one which can easily be avoided.  Never pay for set-up and take-down when you have family, friends, or co-workers who can save you money by chipping in and helping.

Beware of the fine-print when leasing an event space

If you think this DIY approach is an approach you could embrace, make sure you read your lease contract very closely so you don’t get trapped into an expensive agreement you never wanted.

Do-It-Yourself . . . we are big believers of that philosophy at Tarrant Events Center.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We offer ten floor plans to choose from. We offer a moveable stage and finishing kitchen and separate VIP rooms. We offer indoor accommodations plus over an acre of landscaped grounds for outdoor events.  We offer the flexibility you need to make your event an memorable one and an affordable one.

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