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We have two suggestions if you are looking to book an event center in Tarrant County: book early, and book Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth!

Call us for reservations, more information, and to arrange for a tour of our fine Fort Worth event center.

Why Tarrant Events Center?

It’s a fair question. There are certainly many Tarrant County event space rental options to choose from. Why do we believe we offer the best of the best?

If we were to offer a one-word answer to that question, that word would be FLEXIBILITY!  We give you the options to make sure that your event is exactly what you want it to be. We do not hold you to any pre-arranged, strict rules. We do not lock you into our pre-arranged décor.  We do not make you use our caterers or decorators or entertainment.

Here are just a few of the areas where flexibility play such a large part in our uniqueness among event centers.

Various floor plans

We have ten floor plans to choose from, and we are designing a few more as of the writing of this article.  Think about this for a moment. Most event room rental options are set up in auditorium-style.  You are locked in with a particular floor plan, and you must adjust your vision to meet the floor plan.  Not so with Tarrant Events Center.

Just one example of our floor plan flexibility: we have a moveable stage, and that stage can be the smallest option, 4’x8’, or it can be the largest option, 20’x20’, or any size in-between.

Do you want tables? We have a couple options there. Do you want a dance floor? We can adjust the size of the dance floor.  How many attendees?  50? 250? We can adjust the floor plan to meet the needs of any number of attendees to maximize their comfort at your event.  It all adds up to one very flexible and accommodating event hall rental.

Indoor and Outdoor

We have our indoor space. We also have over one-acre of landscaped outdoor space. Imagine how that can add to your options and increase your flexibility.

Half-days and full-days

You can rent a half-day (8-3 or 5-close), or you can rent a full-day, 8-close.  Whatever works best for your event and your budget.

Freedom to negotiate on a variety of fronts

We mentioned earlier that we do not provide food, entertainment, or decorations. This is to your advantage.  You can negotiate with individual vendors for the food, beverages, entertainment, and decorations, and by doing so you can find the best price out there.  Why pay us to do those things for you when you can do them at a lower cost?

Again, flexibility!  You have options at Tarrant Events Center.

A word or two about Tarrant Events Center

We are one of the newest event room rental in Tarrant County. We are locally owned and operated, which means we try harder because our clients are our neighbors and fellow Texans.  Never under-estimate how hard Texans will work to satisfy other Texans!

Tarrant Events Center – call us today and arrange for a tour. We take reservations one year in advance, and the sooner you reserve your date the better.