event space near me

Anyone who has ever undertaken an “event space near me” search knows all about frustration and uncertainty.  That’s because there are so many event venue to choose from, and there is no standard to base a decision upon.  The word “average” does not apply to a discussion about or search for an event room rental.

It can be very confusing!

We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and if you are in Fort Worth, looking for an event space rental, give us a call at 817-996-3636 for a tour of our facility.  And if you are not in Fort Worth, looking for an event hall rental in some other city, this article should help you before you begin that search.  Read on as we give you eight questions to consider when looking for an event hall rental near you.

Does the event venue meet your needs?

Right out of the chute is the most important question: can you make your event happen in the event space you are touring?  You should be able to answer this question quickly upon inspection. If the answer is no, or doubts are raised, walk out and continue touring other event space rentals.

What’s included in the venue rental agreement?

Event center venue rental agreements differ wildly.  Each place offers what we call “the basics.” Those usually include tables and chairs, some sort of sound system, and a stage, but our advice is to never assume anything.  Ask the specific question: “what is included in this rental agreement?”

What amenities are included?

This is where you usually see the widest disparity among the many event venues.  For example, Tarrant Events Center has a full list of amenities including ten floor plans to choose from, six large video monitors, a finishing kitchen, two VIP rooms, a moveable stage, wireless microphones, and an acre of landscaped grounds included in the rental agreement. This is not standard by any means, so make sure you ask about amenities.

When are the deposits and full-payment due?

Nail this down to specific dates and plan for payment on those dates.  Miss a date and you may forfeit whatever monies you already paid.

What is the venue cancellation policy?

Cancellations happen! It’s in the nature of event planning.  And all event venues have different cancellation procedures. Make sure you ask about this.

Does the venue allow outside catering?

Some venues allow outside catering, some don’t.  Tarrant Events Center does, but don’t count on it at every event center.

What is the venue’s policy about alcohol?

Some allow alcohol, some don’t. Some will allow you to bring a bartender onsite. Some won’t. Some jurisdictions will require special permitting. Some won’t. Do your due diligence so you aren’t disappointed.

Are there any restrictions/rules about decorating?

As odd as it may see, some event centers do not allow for decorating. Some require you to use their decorators. Some, like Tarrant Events Center, give you the freedom to choose for yourself.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated. We are brand new, state-of-the-art, with a full list of amenities and all-inclusive pricing. In the Fort Worth area, you won’t find anything better. Call us today for a tour.