small reception venues

Much is always written about wedding venues, but what about reception venues? The carriage follows the horse in the wedding business, which is our way of saying the reception is a natural consideration if you are planning a wedding in the near future.

In this article, we are going to point out some important factors to consider when shopping for reception venues, factors which will save you money and make your big event much more pleasurable for all.

We are Tarrant Events Center, and we have the answers for any big event in your life. Call our brand-new event center at 817-996-3636 and arrange for a tour.  Now, though, let’s lessen your anxiety and possible save you money with a discussion about reception venues.


How many guests will you have attending the reception? Answer that question and you’ll know how large an event hall rental you will need for your reception.  Answer that question and you’ll know how much food you need, how many beverages you will need, and a bevy of other unanswered questions.

Not all event room rentals are the same size. They all have maximum capacities as set by the fire department, so make sure you check on the maximum capacity of any event venue you visit.


Will the event venue be available when you need it?  Our advice: reserve the wedding venue and the reception venue a full year in advance. Many, like Tarrant Events Center, will take reservations a full year in advance, and that is what we suggest for all of you.  Nail down the date early, and make those reservations early.

All-inclusive price for reception venues

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to the rental price for an important event.  You might be sadly amazed by how many event venues will add last-minute charges to the rental fee, or fail to mention some surcharges when the rental agreement is being signed. Ask for all-inclusive pricing, which means the price you agree to when you sign the agreement is the total price you will pay when the event is held.

Style of reception venues

Does the reception venue meet your vision of the perfect reception?  And if it doesn’t, how much will it cost to transform it into your perfect reception vision?  Or can you cut back on the perfect vision and settle for less-than-perfect in order to afford it?


Ample parking plus overflow parking, that is the gold standard for any event center.  You do not want your guests searching in vain for a parking spot, only to find one two blocks away from the reception.

Secondary costs

What are secondary costs? The cost of food, the cost of drinks, the cost of a bartender, the cost of decorations, and the cost of entertainment lead the list of secondary costs for any wedding reception.  Make sure you factor these into your budget while out looking at event space rentals.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

And one final word, one which will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Tarrant Events Center has a little over an acre of landscaped grounds which is part of any rental package we reserve for customers. In other words, someone holding a wedding at Tarrant Events Center also has the room to hold the reception there, one indoors, the other outdoors. What this means is saving money by holding both events at one rental location.

Just something to think about!  Call us today, book your reservation for both the wedding and reception.  Our leasing agent is standing by to take your call and save you money.