renting a banquet hall

Competition in business breeds options, and options is the topic of this article about renting an event center.

All major cities offer event centers to rent, and in the past there was very little to distinguish one event center from the next. The floorplans were basically the same. The services were basically the same.  They were cookie-cutter in design, and they fed the imagination little if at all.

Places like Tarrant Events Center are changing all of that, and it is that change we would like to discuss in this article.  Call us at 817-996-3636 to arrange for a tour of Tarrant Events Center.  Our leasing agent is standing by, ready to assist you.

Why is Tarrant Events Center so different? Let’s look at the options offered and the freedom provided by an event center like Tarrant Events Center.

A traditional events center

The cookie-cutter event center we referenced earlier looks something like this: a main entrance/reception area, an aisle leading into a main exhibition/conference room, and possibly smaller rooms for meetings.  There may or may not be a kitchen. There may or may not be a food court of some sort nearby.  And there may or may not be ample parking, although oftentimes the traditional event center is in the downtown corridor and thus does not offer adequate parking spaces.

A non-traditional events center

Slowly, places like Tarrant Events Center are emerging.  Tarrant Events Center, and event hall rental locations like it, embrace the idea of flexibility and options, realizing the fact that no two events are exactly the same and thus, the needs are different.

Tarrant Events Center is an event space rental which offers ten floor plans, a unique concept.  Tarrant Events Center is a flexible event room rental which also has over one acre of landscaped grounds.  Tarrant Events Center has a finishing kitchen, a bevy of large-screens for video, and two VIP rooms.  It has a moveable stage which can be altered into various sizes depending on your needs.

Tarrant Events Center is somewhat of a chameleon in the event hall business, changing “colors” to match the needs of the clients, and that makes it a very unique creature in the event center business.

Options mean freedom for you, the renter

And what a joy that is for the customers renting a place like Tarrant Events Center.  Options mean adaptability to your needs.  On beautiful days, the event attendees can go outside for a breath of fresh air, or to eat a snack.  Food can be prepared off-site and kept warm in the finishing kitchen.  The floor design can be altered to meet the exact needs of the event.  In a complete reversal of the standard rental agreement, the renter dictates what the event hall will look like, and the renting company makes the needed changes.

It is a unique approach, and it is one which is being embraced in Fort Worth, at Tarrant Events Center, at this very moment.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, and one of the newest event centers in Fort Worth. Because it is so young, it is working harder to become known and to be recognized as one of the best. Call our leasing agent and arrange for a tour of our facility. Reservations can be made a full year in advance, and all inclusive pricing is the standard we operate by.