after wedding party option to save money

Renting a wedding venue can be expensive; finding affordable wedding venues is a bit like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. That is why we believe this article is so important. We have five ways for you to save money when renting a wedding venue, and we believe they all are applicable in whatever city you live.

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Now, let’s look at the five ways to save money when renting a wedding venue.

#1: If Possible, lease for the half-day rather than full-day

Many wedding venues can be rented for a half-day rather than a full-day.  The savings can be significant if this is an option.  Please note, this can squeeze you for time.  If the half-day rental is only 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., this does not give you much time to set-up, take-down, and have the ceremony, but it is something to consider if money is an issue.

#2:  Save money by combining wedding and reception at one site

Using our own Tarrant Events Center as an example, we have an indoor venue, of course, but we also have over one-acre of landscaped grounds, meaning our site is perfect for combining the wedding ceremony and the reception.  Instead of renting two sites, all you need is Tarrant Event Center. This can mean savings of thousands of dollars, so look into this possibility in the city you reside.

#3: Prepare food yourself

Why pay someone else when you have relatives and friends who will be thrilled to do it for you? Find a wedding venue, like Tarrant Events Center, which has a finishing kitchen. Then prepare the food at home and use the finishing kitchen at the event venue to warm the food, keep it fresh, and do the final touches to it for serving.

Caterers cost a lot of money. Professional chefs cost a lost of money. Having your friends prepare the food does not cost a lot of money.

#4: Decorate yourself

See #3 and then substitute decorations for food preparation.  You have a vision of the perfect wedding.  Pass that vision on to family members and friends, and then stand by while they work their magic at considerable savings to you.

#5: Find entertainment yourself

If you are having background music for the wedding ceremony, or if you are having a live band at the reception, it all costs money.  But maybe your mother’s best friend has a son who has a band. Maybe your cousin knows someone who plays background piano for tips. Whatever the case may be, you can definitely save money by finding entertainment yourself rather than going through the traditional music network.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

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