What food services options do you have with an event space retnal

Finding an event space rental for your event is satisfying, for sure, but it is only the first step in the process of planning an event.  What follows is a series of meetings with caterers, decorators, and a dozen other people involved with making that event of your all that it can be.  In this article we will talk about one of the steps following the securement of an event room rental, namely finding a food service which will fit in your budget and do the job you need done.

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Event space rental food options.

The good news is you have several options to choose from when it comes to food services. The bad news is you have several options to choose from, and quite a few options within each of those options, so your legwork will be time-consuming.

The options you are facing are:

  • Caterers
  • Food trucks
  • BYOF

Let’s look at the first two on that list, and then we will spend a bit more time, in the next section of this article, talking about the last.

Caterers are the high-end option with regards to food services.  In a city the size of Fort Worth, nearly a million people, there is a seemingly endless supply of pros who can prepare practically any meal you can dream of, dishes from all regions of the world.  The caterers have professional chefs, and quite often they come with their own servers who will set up, take down, clean up, and serve during the meal.

As you might suspect and expect, these caterers do not come cheap, but if your budget allows, they are well-worth the extravagant payment.

Your second option are food trucks and no, we are not talking about the traditional “roach coaches’ so often found on every street corner.  It’s a new day in the food truck industry, and one can find Indian foods, Greek foods, Italian foods, French foods, Asian foods, you name it they have it on four wheels and ready to serve your event.  Usually, these food trucks simply prepare the foods and do not have servers, but occasionally you will run across a hybrid food truck/caterer combo.

The cost for this second option is a bit less than the full-catering option.

One last event space rental food option available at some locations.

Your third option is one which is not allowed, due to Health regulations, at all event centers.  Some, like Tarrant Events Center, are licensed for this option, and it is worth asking about if you are considering this option . . . which simply consists of you, and your friends, preparing the food, serving the food, and cleaning up afterwards.  Why would you do this?  Does saving a few hundred dollars interest you?  Those with tight budgets will definitely want to think long, and hard, about this option.  It is, for sure, more of a hassle, but, as we mention in the next section, it is much less expensive.

Let your budget be your guide.

We have seen all three options used at Tarrant Events Center, all three with good results, and it really just comes down to the amount of money you want to spend, and you have to spend, on the food preparation/services.  If money is no option, we can certainly see the appeal of hiring a full-service catering company.  If money is tight, we can see the beauty and savings involved with Bring Your Own Food.

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